1. 48 hours in the wilderness and a shiny Lego set when I get back

  2. Solar panels. Everyone wants the juice.

  3. Was airsofting a while back at a quarry. Got separated from bulk of my team and ended up spotting for a sniper.

  4. "you're out of almond milk" "Sorry about that, shall I check the stock room" "Don't bother, one of your colleagues has already checked" "..." "Why are you out?" "It may be in later today on the delivery if you call back later we could hold some for you" "That's not good enough" "..." "I come in EVERY WEEK, at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, and you NEVER HAVE ANY!" "..." "..."

  5. To an anti science wierdo... "so you know what the Dunning Kruger effect is?" "I don't know half of what you say is. Are you a dumming cruder? Hey! This guy's a dumming cruder!"

  6. It's crazy that people still don't know how to use the three seashells

  7. I like the money. I hate it when you get the goo in your eye and it stings like crazy.

  8. Funnel it into a centrifugal fan with the exhaust over a blow torch.

  9. Everyone. Denying your right to die peacefully is just slavery with extra steps.

  10. What if parents decide to just decide to screw it without having made provision for their kids?

  11. For a mostly musicless game, Control has one of my favourite sound tracks.

  12. The amount of rain in England is so underwhelming! I love rain and I moved here years ago all excited about the supposedly rainy weather that left me disappointed.

  13. Ok, it's more ... Confused. Rainy when you don't want it. Sunny when you want rain. Cold when it's summer, warm when it's winter. And in 1 day, you can get all the weather. But only in one small area.

  14. Eso es el amor (Indian love call) - by Slim Whitman

  15. A 3 pin plug with not 1, not 2 but 3 cables coming out of it.

  16. The screaming that comes from the spare room every night at 2am.

  17. By their contribution to society in their field or career. What they have done beforehand in behalf of improving their environment.

  18. Multiple leaders, like a council? So basically, let experts be in charge of that side of society?

  19. Hey I was wondering, at Thanksgiving dinner which part of the turkey do you enjoy most? Is it the white meat?

  20. Because sometimes.... (Brace yourself)... People actually want help from an officer.

  21. You can do quite a lot with a prop bomb. I want to try making a turret where basically anyone can sit on an armoured chair of sorts and shoot out of a small hole. This would allow a strong practically invincible force but you can’t move so it should be placed in a strategic spot

  22. One of my (older) ideas was a fixed gun emplacement where you can unlock it as a perk through other objectives to give you a limited ammo amount but you are basically indestructible while you can shoot.

  23. Once found a crow that didn't fly away when I walked past on the way to the shops. It was still there when I came back. Dropped bags off and went back again. Still there.

  24. Fuck that, the care was great, food was good (for the latter, the appendix issue was bland AF and made me cry) and thanks to the EU membership we (UK) used to have, it was all free and insurance didn't have to get involved.

  25. Best weightloss regime I've ever had. Must have lost 3 stone.

  26. I think it's so permanent that the risk of false guilt makes it too risky to be a simple go to.

  27. FYI: I'm not sure how it is in other countries but if you're in the US you will still need to go through FCC certification if you have any RF or clock speeds above a certain threshold. It's a way cheaper/faster certification than a full approval for a custom radio, but it still needs to be done.

  28. You hit the nail on the head about this being a passion for a product as opposed to a exercise in marketing.

  29. In order to establish whether there is a viable market for your product and many other important reasons such as finding the strength and weaknesses in your product idea. It helps to mitigate your risks and you can then use that gathered info in your product development process.

  30. I agree it's a cyclic development to get to the end goal. But it's just as easy to get tied up in how to get the information you need to develop something, when just having a preliminary production model will get you 50x as much useful data.

  31. It's an elixa I picked up while training with the Witchers. Like, for real.

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