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  1. The majority of the population is 'quiet' - it goes with the flow. Furthermore, when your option is to either support the war or be sent to a prison camp, you can imagine the 'data' that comes out of that.

  2. Yea I'm always so confused when I see 'statistics' like that coming out of Russia, as if there's no bias or factors that might influence that data lol. How exactly does one get reliable data out of a dictatorship?

  3. I love the design on your flowermill! Do they make them when different designs now? When I bought mine they only had their flower logo.

  4. Yep, I grow microgreens and do this sometimes, especially if it's warmer and I'm growing a micro prone to mold.

  5. I've been looking for someone to make/play music with!! I'm out of state for the summer but I'm so down if you're still looking for people by then.

  6. Think about it this way, people who respond like that (defaulting to being defensive and rude to someone earnestly trying to help) have issues they need to work on.

  7. I disagree with everyone saying it's soulless or whatever. It's pretty minimalist (which is good for cooking tbh), but the wood cabinets and lighting bring in a lot of warmth and with a few homey accents (plants, appliances, accents, bits and bobs, etc.) I think it would look super cozy and cool.

  8. 48 inch! Would be an incredible upgrade to our ~10 year old dinosaur TV. I'm obsessed with picture quality and find myself watching movies more often on my computer monitor since it's better quality haha. Would love to be able to watch movies in my living room in the best possible quality.

  9. Sorry if this is such a noob question haha, I just don't trust myself with anything mechanical (and I'm going on a roadtrip next week so I can't afford to fuck up).

  10. Yeah don’t be discouraged if you decided to try realistic battles! It can kinda feel daunting because in arcade you get help with aiming and target locating.

  11. I want to try a realistic battle so bad but I have some kind of bug where my game crashes if I try to launch using that anti-cheat client thing (and it's required for realistic battles). Some day ahaha.

  12. Ohh okay; so for ground Arcade battles you usually get to play with up to 3 spawns, there should be a small number on the vehicle selection telling you how many spawns you have left. As for why you can only spawn 2 times before being forced into the hangar, it sounds like your Vehicles are "crew locked". This usually happens when you leave early in the match. Check to see if any of your Vehicles are highlighted red before joining a battle

  13. Ahh okay, those both make total sense! I dunno how I never realized there's only 3 spawns too haha. Thanks so much!

  14. Nice sliver. There are lots of nice slivers but it’s a tired old town. I live there and like it, but it’s very post-industrial and interstates ruined it.

  15. I have to agree with you. I can't use new reddit. I'm not being contrarian either it hurts me to try to use it and it's insanely slow no matter what I do.

  16. Hard for me to understand how anyone likes or prefers it. It's so busy and runs slowly/is janky on every device I've tried it on.

  17. I was feeling film vibes and wanted to bring out the warm greens/turquoise of the sky and water

  18. What you are saying is impossible. Lightroom does not ever, ever delete or modify raw files. You don't need sidecar files to go back to default.

  19. It's possible they were using the camera raw editor in photoshop instead. If you don't select 'Open as Object' it flattens the raw and you can't revert.

  20. It is impossible to flatten a raw. Raws cannot be written to. No image editor supports writing raw data to a raw file.

  21. Yea flatten was the wrong word, I just meant convert I suppose. If you edit a RAW in Photoshop (with the Camera Raw editor) the default option to open it will be "Open as Image", if you do that it converts it to a layer in photoshop (I'm not exactly sure what it is at that point, a jpg maybe?) and you lose the RAW information. You have to manually select "Open as Object" to keep and modify your edits.

  22. I get how that would work. But here's the thing I always found weird. Sometimes, the environment that is built in my dream is built SO THAT when the real life sound happens, it doesn't feel weird in my dream. For example, once my cat started meowing to be let out the room at the same time I heard meows in my dream. Well, actually I guess it was the SAME meow. But in my dream, I was at a cat shelter. So here's my question. HOW THE FUCK did my brain know to start the dream at a cat shelter so that when I hear my cat's meow in my dream, it would make sense that I'm hearing it. I mean, it's not always like that, mostly the sound is unrelated to the enviornment of the dream. But still, I've experienced similar to the above case atleast a dozen of times. It's creepy.

  23. I've had this exact shit happen so many times, i agree it's baffling. Dreams are wild, man.

  24. If someone has an RI drivers license and lives in RI could they still buy from a dispensary in MA?

  25. Yep I buy my edibles from MA dispensaries all the time (I don't trust myself enough to make them myself lol). It's dumb that that's allowed yet it's not legalized here yet. So silly and arbitrary.

  26. Join the white-border club, there's dozens of us! (edit cause that sounds oddly racist lol, I mean white borders around the photo 👀)

  27. Sorry noob here, what vehicle is this? Looks sick.

  28. Summer style goals: Elevated bohemian - more flowy linen looks, less but more impactful prints, embroidered shirts, knit, mesh and crochet polo/shirts/tank tops.

  29. yess exactly the same here! Any pieces/brands you recommend for linen stuff? I'm looking for good linen pants and maybe a shirt

  30. Brown has a pretty stellar program, I live in RI and have a bunch of friends that go there, only ever heard great things (plus the area is awesome, but I'm biased ;)

  31. Damn, so good dude. Also +1 for the hair gains, the long hair really suits you.

  32. Any reccs for a good pair of suede bluchers/derbys? Was thinking something like these:

  33. Thank you! These all look like good options,, will check them out for sure. And haha yea the Aldens are soo tempting. If I didn't have a bunch of other expenses right now I'd probably cop them

  34. I'm getting a math minor (only because it worked out where I only had to take 2 extra classes to get it) and out of around 25 internship interviews it's only come up once, and even then it was just casual.

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