1. Is he making some level of profit? I think that's requisite in being a conman.

  2. I guess I always thought a con man was someone who lies about what they do

  3. You ever wonder what it would feel like if you had a dead body in the backyard and say power company is digging pretty close to the site. That’s what I delt with my hiding spot for my booze. My wife would be downstairs and I would have to go and make sure she wasn’t close to finding it. A lot of stress to be taken off

  4. I mean this with all my heart and not in a bad way. Gittem needs to do either one of two things. Get a place or just sleep and stay at the store or look up van or truck living YouTube videos and make one himself. He needs a place to call home not a Shitty bed in a basement

  5. https://youtu.be/87ense70NJg

  6. This post just reminded me that I have a PS2 and 2k5 in my closet. Used to love throwing crossers to Parrish, that boy could scoot!

  7. Maybe I’ll get ps2 emulator and try it

  8. Fun little tip. When you're playing on offense before the snap (possibly after I can't remember) pull L and R trigger together. It'll force the DB to tackle you and get you a flag every time...used to make my friend so angry with that move.

  9. Reading the post and comments just seems a bit strange to me. Sounds like people want the comforts of being married and the liberty of being single. Usually a destructive end.

  10. It’s about me being sober and not a complete mess because I’m a drunk

  11. If you don't drink anymore then your not a drunk anymore. I owned liquor stores and had a drinking problem thank God for Jesus his grace appeared to me and I responded. Delivered me from myself and stayed in the business five more years sober never fell then sold them. Best to you

  12. No I have a drinking problem I will always have one. It’s just how it is. I can’t have one drink I can’t just enjoy a little buzz I have to get shit faced

  13. New Kids in the Hall? You've given me a gift today too my friend!

  14. Thought like everything my attention wouldn’t last but by the time they had the theme going I was in tears and watched the first two episodes. It’s mind blowing I never thought I’d see them again

  15. https://youtu.be/oSPAmzNdMC0

  16. The Bengals are going to miss the playoffs this year. Zero chance they are a top team. That was a flukey run that will not be replicated.

  17. I feel like they have more to prove then the bills that is for sure

  18. I stopped Praying to God years ago.I saw only half of things I asked for would come true . I Searched for something to praise.Now I pray to Josh Allen because he’s the kinda guy that gets shit done. I asked god to beat the Pats and all I got was Nate Peterman and Tyrod Taylor. I asked Josh Allen and he beat those cocksuckers in a perfect playoff game.so I’m praying to Josh every other day now.Thrice on Sundays

  19. Smoking weed and morning wood. I just wanna live my life. I have a super veiny dick so I swear sometimes I can feel the blood just rushing and throbbing it’s so unbearable that I have to masterbate. I have started flexing my legs that does help.

  20. Thc is known for Vasodilation. The walls of the veins relax and blood flows easily. It’s why they give people with eye issues weed.

  21. Alex Mack … I can clearly remember her on a AOL ad later on and having a bigger crush.

  22. I have noticed something that’s not gonna sound very”PC” I notice Stephan seems to always back the guy that looks like him if you get what I mean…

  23. If FX showed that movie 1 million times I would be shocked because it felt like more and it was always on at my wives grandparents house. For some reason no one would ever change the Channel

  24. Unno man my wife is a Scorpio and so is my sister they both show all the traits of a Scorpio

  25. You ever seen a Buffalo Bills game ? That shit can kill you and bring you back to life in a matter of seconds.

  26. Is Baker Mayfield that bad? I haven’t really followed him and there always one segment about it on every show.

  27. So I have Covid and I’m bored I have never really watched stream train but I am enjoying this as background noise

  28. There’s big difference being a cool dick or just a dick. CM punk is just a dick I use to think he was cool and important. He had a great come Back and has farted into the wind if he was so amazing why is AEW still #2. I remember him giving a interview thinking he was going to be so interesting he was so boring. Sad too I was a big fan

  29. What are you on about he's consistently the best segment on Dynamite, dude's been serving some wonderful TV, his feud with MJF is probably gonna be feud of the year, his match with Dax was an absolute clinic, even his match with Dustin a few weeks ago was wonderful.

  30. Meh he hasn’t made me want to go watch these matches. I heard about the dog collar match I had a stream link to it and it stopped before the match I could of went to the next part but thought I really don’t wanna watch this. But maybe it’s just me the last event I watched was a Spring break edition of nitro

  31. Child care is extremely expensive.His salary would prolly end up covering it. I work and my wife makes more then me when she brings it up it drives me insane. It’s always her money and my money I thought once we got Married it was our money not a battle of who makes more. I was a SAHD for a long time The best thing my wife has ever said to me was a text while I was at work “ I never realized how much you are needed in the morning the kids were asking for you it was a mess “

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