1. There are no keys they broke in and stole the car lol

  2. Best way of saying it.. I won’t lie I was down on our boy blue after the loss but he’s still a alien. Look at our team 6 years ago we were celebrating another team losing so we could get into the wild card spot. Now we are the playoffs … we just need to get to the championship

  3. I was told by a driver that in DC they offload the stuff outside and leave the employees have to rush to get it in because people just start taking things. We did have someone call the cops on a crazy person who had stole some frozen food and was trying to sell it outside they arrested them but I think they had also hit a lady with there cane. Just another Monday at cvs

  4. Nothing really he just has had some work come out that is not the same since he has had screenwave doing most of the scripts and editing of the AVGN videos the fans don’t like them I gotta agree the character kinda sucks now. Then he started a podcast with said screenwave guys it lasted less then 7 episodes they called it off because it kinda sucked. He then walked back a bit on working with screen wave his last videos are back to old stuff that he use to doit’s kinda working. Reviews of random movies or tv shows going to movie spots. Mike left and has his own channel. Mike and James mondays was the best thing ever I really miss it

  5. Ok so that’s kinda sad that I searched his name and quit cinemassacre on YouTube and nothing came up but I guess his own video from the stream

  6. Cashiers at aldi sit in a very particular position so they can ring as quickly as possible. Also, the amount of work a cashier at aldi does puts the workload of cvs to shame. I worked there, I would cashier after unloading and stocking 8-12 pallets in the two hours before we opened. It was literally insanity how much work we did every single day, but we did it because that’s what was expected. They had efficient routines for everything. Sitting wasn’t to give the cashiers a rest, it was all for how fast and efficient cashiering could be.

  7. Sing it I was working at one and now here at cvs I can out ring all my co workers even the ones who have worked here longer I was only at Aldi for a month or two screw that place they work you like a dog

  8. Look I’ll say it if you were born from 1982-1989 your still almost a Gen x person things didn’t really change that much it just got a little better. But look how fast everything changed and we were the perfect age to absorb it. I played outside without my parent’s knowing where I was had to remember phone numbers. Tv still went to bars at midnight or just played informericals when I was a kid. But I also had a cell phone by 17 and social media by 20. I’m kinda over it all now. I sit here at home watching retro tv. New tv shows are just too much. They have killed things like Star Wars and comic books because they have milked them with movies and tv shows. Things are only weird today because people in my mind are doing things all wrong.

  9. You just saved my night / life lol I was hoping to see this. I just have to get my cert and background check for government jobs and I’ll be ok

  10. https://link.tubi.tv/wcborm0U6xb

  11. Is this what people are talking about

  12. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1lUXnXsFXzAxE7HCMs88GelkweQr5pC7a/1TWJj8Q6RdHUy0m0Fb3f91YF79J0fL9ar/1eJegDIzvL0u8jfnPYWPov9WfOEPzJXBE/1gUig0sOYyo62yEcMWEsrGYRkL1Tlygjm?pli=1&usp=drive_open&sort=13&direction=a

  13. the cruise season which is 3rd he wants to get arrested an steals gas from Jacob he says he called the cops but Julian pays him off the way he says “ yea we’re cool“ has always stuck with me. Later she shows up with a tire and is at least 9/10 years old

  14. Ok so I ended up watching season 3 again and when trinity and Ricky are trying to quit smoking he at one point says she is 9 years old. Now here is the even more fucked up part. 9 year old trinity comes in and says hi to 20 year old Jacob and he calls Her trin

  15. As a Buffalo Bills fan I feel Walt sooo much. I sometimes act like the bills dont exist after they lose my kids are also the same giving me shit when they see me watching them again

  16. I feel this … moved to DC thank god I have a winning team here

  17. We have done everything else that we need to do… only winning the whole thing is what we need which is 100% more difficult then most people think. That window is far from what is was.

  18. (Asian drunk guy dancing in the background)

  19. Ahhhh fuck not again…

  20. Doesn’t matter only some of us got to watch it on Sunday nights on Showcase… that’s who the real hardcore are. … but if we are counting at least 95 times

  21. This line comes up in my friend and mines Facebook messenger all the time

  22. I know what you're saying Bubbles. It's a young man's game. That's why I got out of it. So here, if I were you, I'd do it one more time and then get the fսck out of it. You know, get me five pounds of bacon and a half pound of regular beef too while you're at it, would you?

  23. I saw the ad for this the chick is selling it hard goes to The store (don’t know if it’s cvs) and ask’s for “the emergency contraceptive “ you can hear the worker say “what??” She replies “like plan b”

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