1. this makes me so anxious about selling or giving away the few dolls in my collection that i'm not totally in love with.. i want to sell them for a reasonable price but unless i find a way to vet the buyers somehow i know they'll end up with resellers like this

  2. If i do ever sell any dolls im planning on only going through the discord or the reddit to find a buyer 😅 so i know they probably have an interest in the dolls as well

  3. Yes!! We're all super friendly, you'll love it :)) if the link doesnt work feel free to message me and ill try to send it again

  4. My laptop BROKE 2 minutes before the drop but i managed to get 2!! Im so freaking happy

  5. Vaguely?? I recognize the characters kind of, but also dont if that makes sense 😅

  6. I'd suggest that if possible to purchase them from Target and if there is a defect, they allow you to return it! I've done that twice with RH dolls at different targets, and they've never given me any issues

  7. Sad update :( i went to a target today and they said they couldnt price match it. Im gonna try one more and then give up 😅

  8. Thats how the cookie crumbles sometimes! Thank you!

  9. This is amazing! Also off topic but you might want to watermark your work so it doesnt get stolen, cause this is a really good piece!

  10. you are right! I never thought about it but i definetly should. Thank you so much!!

  11. Good luck ! If you want to take down this post and repost with the watermark, im pretty sure we'd all still upvote it a ton! Your art is stunning, and i love the way cleo looks here!!

  12. Thats when you gut the box for cool art to stick on your walls!

  13. From what we can tell, all times the dolls come "in stock" is because Mattel is getting rid of any returns/exchanges/extra inventory they happen to have. They aren't true restocks, and lots of them sell out/disappear within a couple minutes of going up. If you don't have alerts set up for the web page or a bot monitoring to purchase, it's probably very difficult to snag anything.

  14. Sorry to bother you, but how do you set up alerts for a web page?? Im like technologically illiterate 😅

  15. I actually don't know D: But I've seen people talk about doing it before. I think there is like a google chrome add-on you can get?

  16. Adderall! My annoyance and irritability completely went away with 10mg/twice a day.

  17. I have a meeting with a psych on monday! Ill keep this in mind, thank you

  18. Yeah it really annoying! People can indeed just try searching for it and steal the deal! But I feel the same about some g3 posts, most of them are hating posts or are the exact same post which got posted 1/2 days ago.. it’s just the same discussion all over again, everyday. Not hating on g3, I like them. I think its just annoying to see the same posts over and over again.

  19. I totally understand that! I wish we had more fanart and other creative posts. There's nothing wrong with what we get now i just feel like we dont see as much original content anymore:((

  20. I totally understand, it gets exhausting seeing posts so similar to each other over and over😅

  21. I suppose im not helping as this post has probably been made a dozen times as well! I wish we could have an actual solution to it instead of just screaming into the void

  22. You are such a good parent! It warms my heart to see that kids still love Monster High

  23. She loves all of it. G1-g3 and everything in-between. I'm glad they keep making new content.

  24. I like it, but I think you got the chapter in the title wrong (correct me if I'm wrong, but chapter 228 hasn't even come out yet for fast-pass)

  25. I think if you are 🏴‍☠️ the comics it comes up as 228! Just a guess tho!

  26. Target price matches amazon and walmart, so if you see a good price on amazon, but you'd rather pick the doll out in person (so you can avoid any defects), they'll price match. Normally, i use screenshots, but every so often, the cashier will ask to see the current listing, so be warned!

  27. Wait i didnt know the pack was already out! Congratulations!!

  28. Honestly? Delilah. Shes gorgeous but i undid her hair right after i bought her so i could wash it and ive never been able to make it look good since :/

  29. Soooo, they deemed your post disrespectful but not the ACTUAL post with the racist and prejudice folks on there?!?! You were bring awareness to it...They're more worried about you calling those ppl out rather than the actual disrespectful post that was made...Hm, that's interesting 🙃. That's some audacity if I've ever seen it...

  30. LITERALLY, i saw OPS post yesterday and saw zero issue with it. How is it doxxing to @ the user whos openly being prejudiced and racist? They don't seem to be afraid to share their opinion until there are repercussions and then its "doxxing" and its laughable that the mods seem to think OP is the issue and not the racists.

  31. Gonna pull up to the skate park with this. Be the coolest kid there.

  32. Do it! I found it in the clearance aisle of a walmart

  33. Jeez that’s super cruel. I’d understand why he’d be ready to go too. He must be depressed af

  34. Yeah, I vaguely recall Aro killing Didyme (i think that's her name) because she wanted to leave his coven with Marcus? But that may have been from a fanfic 😂 i do remember for a fact that when Aro and Caius saw what the loss of a mate could do to them, they decided to keep their wives locked up with the vamp who could control moods so they were constantly happy and safe

  35. I am going NAH. Ex-athlete here that peaked at a whopping 5’2” in a tall people sport. I completely see both sides. Constant overtraining is just going to lead to a lifetime of injuries. I am 46 and need surgery on three joints. But I loved playing and no one could tell me to stop so here I am broken by age 40 and in for a lifetime of pain.

  36. I agree with you, im 19 now and did gymnastics since i could walk up to age 14, i think? I have permanent knee problems. Its a NAH situation, yes shell be heartbroken, but she can continue doing it casually without overexerting herself. Sometimes we have physical limitations we just can't overcome and it's sad but we have to accept it

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