1. Never heard of it, I just ride it out, good nap food and shower helps but everyone has their own method

  2. if im being unapologetically honest, if i dropped my comedown methods i would be ridiculed💀 hence why I’m dropping an all natural remedy🤣

  3. I call myself the laziest coke head cuz I literally don’t wanna go anywhere or do anything. I’d rather sit in the same spot and shoot shit for hours

  4. congrats king!! you’ve built a legacy that u can, hopefully eventually or even now, comfortably watch others fulfill & enjoy! maybe even stick around in the community to help & answer questions

  5. It's a very real thing that we can't control. Simple answer is, the come down is unavoidable and we can't control it. If you'd like the extended answer why, let me know.

  6. i would agree 100%, and let me add im a wee bit more on that side...but others dont get it at all & even for myself ill do the same amounts same routine but sometimes i wont have one at all & other nights i have it so bad

  7. Damn I appreciate this post like crazy! That's the truth we're are here for any an everything

  8. no wonder they call it a -Community- ive had some genuine convos & connections on here!

  9. I never judge people for the drugs they do personally. I view drugs as well drugs drugs. I do drugs they do drugs everybody does drugs no point on judging a person on it.

  10. My bf cousins brother does that to me for doing coke and smoking weed im like bitch you smoke/snort meth I mean I’ve done it too but it’s definitely not my go to drug and then he comes to me and is like can you buy me coke and then he’s like idk how you do coke it doesn’t really do anything for me I’m like well cause you do meth 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 and my bff does it too she’s like you like coke and you DO a lot of coke I’m like bitch your go to drug is Ketamine 🐴 I’ve done it a few times and I can’t get behind it the first time I tried it she had to baby me for the rest of the day she’s like maybe I shouldn’t have given you such a big line of K

  11. Space out your dosing maybe? I notice that when I’m redosing like every 15-20 minutes while I’m on an extended session the anxiousness builds up and the fun of it all goes away. But if I chill for an hour and let the anxiety subside and pace myself the enjoyment comes back around. When solo seshing I feel it’s easy to end up hitting them back to back rather quickly if you aren’t keeping yourself occupied. Hell the ritual of it all starts to become the main focus at times. As far as things to do, I doom scroll Reddit and the gram. I hyper focus on video games and when that loses it’s appeal I "perv out" and basically endlessly scroll the the hub for a bit. When I’m high I find it hard to get into the movies and show I enjoy while sober. I’ll listen to and watching certain channels on YouTube or a documentary as long as it’s only a single person narrating. Something about hearing multiple people talk makes me uncomfortable. I do enjoy instrumental music when high. I listen to a lot of classic hip hop instrumentals. I also like to have some sort of background noise playing if I’m not listening to music or playing video games. My go to is rain and thunderstorms playing at a low volume. It’s something familiar and sort of mindless that I won’t hyper fixate on.

  12. wow, i relate almost fully! i love coked out convos (as what i meant w/ the party vibe skiing) but when its set in ur mind to have a more solo relaxing sesh, sounds & people talking overstimulates me so bad. its like okay my brain is literally taking in stims i dont need more.

  13. Totally, I started out using it to enhance other activities and it was fun In social settings. But when I do too much I get over stimulated and find myself chasing the euphoric feeling which subsides rather quickly compared to the other feelings coke induces. Moderation is key I suppose.

  14. you ever have those moments (skiing alone) where u finally are forced to come to the fact that you’re just chasing a high that feels impossible to reach?? if so... i, just literally last week, read to find out that since coke is a stim ur brain scientifically & physically can get to a point where it can no longer be stimulated... & let me tell u the HEARTBREAK & BETRAYAL i felt. i mean honestly it makes sense & explains a lot but i was still like damn. first thought, “damn thats why im not getting higher” my problem before was thinking “oh i just fuckin rail fat lines, but no🤦🏻‍♀️ i guess people do say “even tho its hard, just wait more time in between or its a waste” & i would always ignore that but i guess they are right.😒 idk if its just my adhd but i just never am high enough. maybe that comes out as fiending but bc ur brain builds a tolerance.. WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? im glad i finally relate to someone else tho

  15. You know what she's doing is dangerous. She could die. If I was you I would tell her family or anyone who is a major influence on her. It might help get her straight. I live with guilt everyday for not speaking up when I should of. I should of least tried. She might be mad now but you have to be alive to be angry and that's the most important thing.

  16. I know the right answer to this but I think I need someone else to tell me, I want to tell her family because she literally just OD, but very lickily happened to be with some dude who narcaned her. she lives alone and cut all of her friends off. I want to tell her parents but I know that she would hate me for life

  17. At least she will have a life, and when she gets clean she will be grateful

  18. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you shouldn’t have told her friend. That was privileged information. You got clean, you know the shame we have surrounding our addictions.

  19. No when I understand that completely especially the whole privacy thing, I was in a bad opioid addiction for two years and I didn’t want anyone to know. When she told me she was now doing fentanyl on heroin powder, I kept that secret for three months it wasn’t until after she OD, and then a week after her oh D I seen her hanging out with that friend… Ashlee would stop texting me or just ignore me, which I get because I did get sober so she probably felt disconnected. Then when that friend told me ashlee still talks to her and text her, I just let her know what was going on so she could let me know that Ashleyis okay. Ashlee has every right to be upset with me because it felt like I broke the trust, but at the same time we’re not talking just Percocets anymore, we’re talking heroin and fentanyl while being alone at your house. The only reason she survived her last OD because she happened to be with her sister.

  20. Hilarious because me and some friends are skiin doing the same thang hahaha

  21. well only thing to do it fight fire w fire... so put shit in a bag & burn that on their front door

  22. Drink water, its honestly the biggest factor I have found. I just sleep through the comedown avd wake up fresh lol

  23. how much do you have to do to get the euphoria? i've done up to .5g at once and never get it. At all. too scared to take much more. ive tested it for purity, washed it, everything. nothing. maybe a tad more talkative, but that's about it. I can also fall asleep 30 min later if i tried. Also, could eat an entire pizza afterwards too. I get just about zero of the effects.

  24. i have no idea! im the same with not getting a euphoric feeling... like AT ALL. but of course i still get a harsh ass comedown😒 its a lose-lose situation for me... yet ill still do it

  25. I use it on rare occasions, just didn’t know if it was safe or not after doing coke. I use to sit and smoke weed until I fell asleep, but had to quit smoking sadly.

  26. I’m doing this right now. I took 900mg of gabapentin and now I’m skiing. It helps a little bit. My heart rate seems to be slightly above normal, but nothing too extreme. I’ve done maybe half a gram so far

  27. I’m using the Gabapentin to comedown

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