1. So would Soviet Georgia be like a Black and Caspian rome? And is Stalin the same or is he a bit nice, trying to run a good country?

  2. he was apperently born in abkhazia, might be abkhazian, no?

  3. What is Abkhazian? There is only Georgian from Georgia! Abkhazia is a region, no man is Abkhazian! You can be Apsua, but you cant be the nationality of Abkhazian, that man is not Abkhazian because it doesnt exist.

  4. Yeah, that works, if you have good relations with Poland they will hand over Danzig with no issue

  5. Why is the Borjgali many times associated with fascism? The neo-fascist Georgian groups love it, reddit fascist Georgia flag variants always use it, whats with it? Btw this has nothing to do with your flag, its very nice!

  6. It will not leave anything behind, so make sure you back up any important data.

  7. You could try that, but if there’s an option to back up Safari data, disable it; it may also back up the files causing your issue.

  8. Extremely similar but the thing im talking about is a live action music video and it has a very sad tone compared to Stuck In The Sound

  9. I use the tweak checkmate store to download older supported versions of any app. Can‘t promise that Twitter still supports that version tho you must try that out to kniw

  10. Individual players get points from the medal icon games. 1v1s. Gains based on player ratings.

  11. There are team contests, and ffa contests. This was a ffa contest. You don't get points from ffa.

  12. Wait but do you get points if you win a regular round, with the crown at the corner of the map preview or does it have to be a contest?

  13. Well, I can definitely say that's the first time I've ever seen (or to be honest, even heard of) the Georgian language.

  14. Ah, I, as a Georgian myself consider it difficult, not for me but by judging from foreigners learning it, its gery difficult

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