1. Head chef of a restaurant in the city center of a ~100k population city, 40 hours/week, 3300 euro/month before taxes.

  2. In my new Update 4 save I've even gone as far as placing miners in perfect north/east/south/west orientation, as well as each of my belt/pipe highways and factory buildings they connect to. Max OCD friendly xD

  3. I like outdoor factories, it gives a total different look to a biome. I'm using mostly open outdoor factories in the dune desert biome for a big project I'm doing there. There's basically 4 smaller factories working in tandem to produce materials that are processed in a closed factory building, and I love the look of it. I specifically chose this because the dune desert is the most open and (relatively) flat area in the game, so I kept my factories' design the same.

  4. Much thanks to Snutt's advice on waiting to dive too deep into Aluminum alternates I saved myself a lot of hassle. I was just about ready to start building the first production line, but instead just did some more decoration and foundation work. Have to redo my maths tho, but it seems it's not that big of a deal. Overall just less refineries it seems, and much easier ratio on Pure Aluminum Ingot thank god!

  5. Yeah it scared the shit out of me when I walked into my doggo playground in my base, which now houses 12 dinosaurs instead of cute little pets:D

  6. All jokes aside, gotta love the addition of lights. Much <3 CSS. Just some Constructors of very basic iron/copper stuff, middle floor of the storage mall production.

  7. Awesome. I haven't ever really played much of Red Alert 3, so I'd like another opinion. I would assume you've played RA2 as well. If so, is RA3 as good as if not better than 2? Maybe looking to buy it at some point, I just don't want to get it if it's a lifeless downgrade like most remakes/sequels for games I like.

  8. Yeah as I've mentioned I've played since the very first RA1, all of them. I even still have the original 1996 CD case of RA1 xD

  9. The first build project of my fresh update 4 save. This time around instead of just slapping down machines all over the world in tall, simple pillar buildings and trying to harvest every node as I did in update 3, I wanna go with a more themed base building playthrough. I guess the title speaks for itself of what my theme / inspiration is.

  10. "At the top of the world", shall we say. At the very top of the 450+ meter tall pillar in the north east of the rocky desert.

  11. So the little patches of land with the orw that the miners are mining was there by default or did you make that somehow?

  12. No they're below sea level at first. Gotta put foundations on them to raise them up above the water to be able to mine them

  13. Found a planet 99% covered in water in the system I decided to expand to on the far edge of the cluster (kinda like one that was posted earlier, really cool find). Had to terraform a huge strip of land, as well as the veins of Coal so this factory could make Organic Crystals (sadly no veins in any nearby systems) and extra Plastic. In this case also decided to mine the Spiniform Crystals that were there. No other resources on this whole planet except the oil, Coal and Spiniform. Also terraformed around the poles for Solar Panels / Ray Receivers. In all, probably around 3-4 million sole pile and tens of thousands of foundations. Fun side project tho :D

  14. My so far built up supply base at the edge of my cluster, nearly 40 LY away from spawn. The amount of resources in this system is bonkers. Making 5 science per second, using about 30% of the planet's surface. Currently waiting on the slowly rising (partial) Dyson Sphere's power output to start making more antimatter. Other side of the planet will be used to start carrier rocket production for the 238k radius Dyson Sphere project, once antimatter production is scaled up enough to power it.

  15. I feel your pain. I've done a 4/s setup

  16. I wouldn't say it's a pain, it's more like..."it must be done" type deal :D

  17. Good job, now it's time to start emptying that system of resources and scaling up production with logistics :)

  18. I just realised how hard this would be to work out. You'd need to build a whole sphere, see how much power it makes, then destory it somehow and build a bigger sphere around the same star to determine if it makes a difference.

  19. I expected as such. So better luminosity = more power generation. O stars are also a few times larger than the more generic stars too. I'll have some numbers on this behemoth of a Dyson Sphere later this week I hope, and will see if size does matter :)

  20. I didn't calculate much up to this point tbh. Only towards end products I do. Like quantum chips, carrier rockets and white science. I'm in the process of moving my science from my starter system to a more resource filled system, because my starter system is running dry. I'm reverse engineering everything from white science cubes, until I get to the more raw products like ingots, or even some intermediates like hydrogen/deuterium. Then I just slap down miners, smelters, orbit collectors and assemblers all over the place and attack every vein to make sure it's enough and transport everything with logistics towers. Power is never a problem for me anymore in this stage of the game.

  21. Looks neat, nice job :) I build mine the same, with the backs facing eachother and picking up crude oil that way.

  22. I feel obliged to add another quite positive point to this. The planet orbiting my neutron star is in a tidally locked orbit; perpetual day and night. On top of that, it has 146% solar energy ratio. Therefor, it's VERY attractive to build a huge solar panel array, because 50% of the planet's surface has permanent day. I'm running the entire planet's factories (peaking around 450 MW) off of solar power. Very useful. Also, I don't need many rail guns at all, as they're firing 24/7 because of tidal locking.

  23. That's a good point actually. I have thought about blueprints too, but never considered that latitudes are a big deal here. I suppose small blueprints could be the way to go, or be very careful with saving/naming them to make sure if it's an equatorial build or polar circle build.

  24. You make a very valid point. I pretty much agree with you on all points and kinda feel the same. Tho there are a few things to take into consideration regarding Factorio/Satisfactory. They've been out for years. Factorio was in EA for what, 4 years? Also, from the moment they announced the crowdfunding project for it, it still took 3 years or something to push into EA? This game went from the game idea/concept to EA in under 2 years, by a 5 man team.

  25. Good questions :) I actually wondered about all your points myself. But here's my guesses.

  26. QFT. This game is badass. If it's already receiving so much praise, including my own, after less than 2 years of development...I am waiting with MUCH anticipation to see how much further it's gonna go. Thanks team <3

  27. I think they have unlimited range. You just have to make sure you supply your vessels with Space Warpers, or else they will take the hours long haul by regular flight.

  28. Hmm, it seems to not bring stuff to the other station, but it does retrieve things. That’s not how it works is it

  29. Hmm. If you have a station anywhere in your cluster which has warpers and vessels, and you put the unipolar magnets into a station at your black hole system, they should bring them over no problem. I have done the same thing with antimatter fuel rods, and they got carried to a system 20 light years away.

  30. My neutron star Dyson Sphere building project

  31. I try to build as much as possible equatorial, and (if needed) transport by belt between the poles. Simpler put: if looking at the planet in a normal configuration (poles north and south), build machines from left to right. You will find that you will barely ever run into this problem

  32. Technically there would be a limit, because you can only build them at the equator. But yeah, you can definitely extract with more than 1, and as far as I know their supply is unlimited.

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