1. I think there’s a very good chance he lands on life imprisonment with no possibility of parole, no access to digital devices

  2. Yes. Something on cream colored stationary, possibly with a watermark

  3. 🤷‍♂️0️⃣…. My gender is zero fucks. Awesome

  4. You're absolutely right that poverty/working conditions definitely contribute to mental health problems. Depression definitely does have many ways it can be caused, and speaking for myself my depression is definitely not a sole result of work and finance stuff. But it certainly doesn't help me feel better, working more than my body should be and never having enough.

  5. Therapy doesn’t help if the problem is poverty

  6. Therapy and medications can help people not fucking kill themselves while they struggle through poverty

  7. Therapy and medications can both be rather costly…

  8. Am I the only one who read this meme in Matt Berry’s voice?

  9. Yes, I’m sure the “hang mike pence” republicans will line up around the block to vote for him.

  10. Right after Jan 6, I was part of a group within my agency tasked to comb through video footage to identify people. We had no issues.

  11. If it was only odd numbers I’d be interested.

  12. Dresden files has some of that. Especially Michael. Interesting question!

  13. I think there’s a significantly stronger penalty available for acts of treason like giving foreign nations classified documents. Just ask the Rosenbergs

  14. Because he’s barely a democrat while we need a president further left than Bernie Sanders, probably

  15. But we need to win the election, or it's all in the shitter. Bernie would not win, and I love Bernie!!!

  16. Bernie got a standing ovation from a Fox News audience. Because he’s always been deeply committed to working class people. There’s a good chance he would have even siphoned away a good number of conservative voters

  17. And 38 percent of voters think that’s their guy. Fox News spread a virus throughout rural America.

  18. That thing republicans said was evil and communism and election fraud? Interesting

  19. Wow….. that’s…. Stunningly stupid, even for him

  20. Yeah we’re already not going to start repaying, we’re definitely not going to fork over interest too

  21. From the party that brought you “alternative facts” and “the truth is not the truth”

  22. Odd that gay people would still go to Florida to give DeSantis tourism money

  23. This is the most accurate depiction of how far republicans value democracy.

  24. This seems like a kinda alarmist take and a kinda sketchy source. Sure, shit’s pretty bad, but we seem to be on a (slow) recovery path

  25. Tbh I think the 18th house speaker vote was a pretty good indicator he wasn’t going to last

  26. https://thegeographypin.com/search?q=Ohio&options%5Bprefix%5D=last

  27. Hang on, I thought the $2b deal was a couple years earlier?

  28. Warbreaker- Brandon sanderson. Woman is forced into an arranged marriage with a living god

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