1. I would not use that map. It is missing RI, and that is not what MA looks like!

  2. The beach isn’t terrible if you don’t mind circling a few times and walking a little bit. I always had trouble finding parking in North Park and Hillcrest.

  3. My golf obsessed brain was like hmm what kind of clubs are these?!? A new training aid? Lol

  4. I just read yours and was tearing up with laughter. Very insightful 10/10 would read again

  5. Man I found chasing scratch insufferable. Two guys who are gonna go all out to get to scratch by doing crazy things like yoga?!? And not drinking 5 liters of coke a day?

  6. Come on man. They introduce numerous professionals who can help your game in a myriad of ways. They interview Adam Young, James Sieckmann, Irish Mike, Scott Fawcett, and a number of other people who can really help you improve your game.

  7. Its real and $200 isnt a bad price but depends on the face. Id offer a little less personally.

  8. I bought one for a similar price at a used shop. I took it home and Clorox wiped it and it was all gone. Maybe try to get it for $175 or so?

  9. Hmm not a bad deal! I am asking for pics of the face prior to making any offer. But if it’s in good shape I might

  10. Would love to see dua lipa in my bed tonight too but that too is unlikely

  11. if you were planning on walking I'd suggest taking the cart today just to mitigate fatigue a bit. Caffeine yes, but make sure you are also eating so you don't get all jacked up. Give into the delirium. You may hit a PR today. edit:type-o

  12. Just remember Ernie Els!

  13. Paid $200 normally wouldn’t pay that much but so minty

  14. Good on yah! I can’t seem to find a Scotty for under $250-300 regardless of condition

  15. I don’t even want to tell you my find a few weeks ago that I bought and sold

  16. I say go for it, fucking cc prob charges people 25k to join and isn’t going to miss the extra $12.

  17. Those are tour quality irons. The likes of Mike Weir, Vijay Singh and John Daly used those.

  18. I played graphite shafts on my first set of hand me downs. Pure strikes are AWESOME, everything else is very much not. When I moved to a set of steel shafts I lost like 10-15 yards of distance, but was able to keep even mishits within the boundaries of the state I was playing, which was a plus.

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