1. Where do you guys learn all this stuff? I've studied the basics of computer graphics but finding deeper material for it has been quite difficult, maybe cuz I don't know the terms to search.

  2. Other than the assorted graphics programming books and courses and whitepaper a from Nvidia/AMD, forums like the Beyond3D forums help you pick up a thing or two.

  3. The architecture is definitely interesting. Good video to pair with the previous interview from the event with the chiplet engineer.

  4. RT units and tensor core flavors are part of the SM. We want to group SMs/CUs in a chipplet not split down the SM/CU in half

  5. So what's the deal with Portal RTX? Is it a showcase of Nvidia ray tracing taken to the ultra-extreme or something? Because those FPS numbers are worse that Cyberpunk 2077, and that's a pretty dubious achievement.

  6. Off topic, but this the most appropriate place to ask, aside from making a new thread.

  7. Seems worth it, Nvidia next gen will likely use a photonic design for NvLink which is also the basis for Nvidia’s superchip die to die design

  8. AMD on their official slides lists RDNA 2 is “Architectured to exceed 3Ghz” so where are those 3Ghz cards?

  9. Same with AD103’s missing 4SMs. With greater complexity, comes greater opportunity and potential to mess up something somewhere

  10. Great question, the CUDA docs I linked tell a different story from Techpowerup and NVIDIA's architecture whitepapers.

  11. Igor’s speculations are trash. He was never talking about performance of Ada. Although his Samsung 8nm Ada was trash

  12. They also were one of the main perpetrators stirring up the POSCAP nonsense that turned out to be driver issues.

  13. Are any upcoming AAA games announced to use DirectStorage yet? It seems to be stuck in tech demos only.

  14. Cool. Hopefully that means Blackwell can have more reasonable pricing.

  15. After Stadia failed, when will these companies learn that Cloud Game Streaming is an extremely niche segment? A corporate conglomerate with thousands of datacenter locations and even some exclusive games to the platform failed.

  16. I would not take the failure of Google's AR or cloud projects as indicative of industry trends

  17. A far more representative synthetic benchmark would be Timespy Extreme and the new Timespy benchmark

  18. Also 4090 isn't even the full die. Nvidia could release 90ti or new titan and reclaim the throne easily. 7900xtx is pretty much maxed navi 31 for now. Unless they have higher tier die i doubt they can match 4090. The best they can do is to get the die to clock at 3ghz like the rumor suggest.

  19. Are you implying OP seems like a douche and lost friendships because of his choice of house? And the “I’ll take the surf shack over the McMansion any day” just sounds like more condescending anti-materialism crap.

  20. yeah, thanks for your advice I'm planning to get another 16Gb stick

  21. I heard the consoles still have RT global illumination. Kind of odd, since you hardly ever see consoles get that.

  22. RTGI with reduced RT resolution and not using infinite ray bounces can run on consoles

  23. TSMC 4nm is a 6-10% density improvement to 5nm, by definition a refinement as even how TSMC defines it as a 5nm class node

  24. It's not only chine. If this launch is gona be similar to the RX 6000 series, there will be no Reference AMD cards at release in my region.So the prices will be 200€+ more expensive that the Reference + Taxes. And this prices was before the mining prices hit.

  25. Every time I'm reminded of the shit managers pull I hate them more and more. This is why companies run by engineers actually do so well too. Look at how much AMD has gained under Lisa Su.

  26. I suspect PCI-SIG do not want to take any blame, there job is to stop problems like this before they start.

  27. Obviously, there are other statements that make me think that they are happy for Nvidia to take the fall for the connector alone

  28. Maybe they just don't want to pay for DLSS integration that works only on NVIDIA cards when FSR2 is free for all.

  29. People don’t know that FSR mod IS NOT ONE WAY. FSR games can be modded to add DLSS as well so not too big an issue

  30. I went to a private school growing up but also spent enough time in a really rural area to get to know the people who lived there. It’s absolutely true that private schools have drugs like coke and other negative aspects of money. However, the rural area had drugs like meth, not to mention more infidelity, teem pregnancy, divorce and drunk driving than you can imagine. The difference was at the private school, it was cool to be smart. People took performance enhancing drugs, aspired to top colleges and mostly tried really hard at everything. In the country it was cool to be a burnout. Skipping school or dropping out completely had cachet and nobody wanted to admit they tried hard or cared about anything academic. People literally aspired to less. So pick your poison.

  31. We'll, you're getting about 10000x your GPUs performance, so I wouldn't complain.

  32. Budget :) He was only given $5,000 to spend on his WFH setup. He wasted half of it on that A6000 Ada lol. He went off vram amount and vram manufacture instead of looking into other factors like bandwidth limitations.

  33. rtx 6000 ada is not A6000. There is no A. Your friend got Ampere ($5000 budget can't even buy the Ada GPU). To prove it, look for NVLink, if no NVLink on his card, then Ada, else, Ampere

  34. are they replacing every light, shadow, and reflection with rt? this is ridiculous!

  35. Yes, even beyond that, the replace the way the camera views the scene, which people call rasterization (RT games today replace light but still use rasterization) with RT

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