1. Lol of course it does. Does it come with an apology from WB for shooting this movie after Miller chocked a woman in the post-credit scene?

  2. When I was a kid in the Indy area, the same thing happened, except it nailed a fan in the stands.

  3. Most theaters have ear buds if you ask for them and you can hear audio descriptions of the scenes in the movies while its playing.

  4. I think its smart they're showing an incomplete movie. Get all those people to come back to theater. Man the lengths they're going to move around Ezra Millers crimes...they needs to be sued.

  5. I responded to your main points -- storage and bandwidth. Neither of these are significant concerns to Disney for just 100 shows. Add the 100, take away the 100 -- it's all the same.

  6. Says the person who decided to become a keyboard warrior for fast food workers 😂 you're literally talking to a grown man who grew up in the ghetto and decided to make something of himself after working as a fast food worker when he was a TEENAGER to provide for his brothers and sisters.

  7. This place is going to implode when it opens beneath their delusional expectations. If The Batman barely opened to $130,000,000, why the hell are there people expecting The Flash to open anywhere near that?

  8. lol I feel like most of the diehards have seen the movie already. I thought I was going to have to wait but turns out I'm seeing it later tonight. Even I get tickets, lol.

  9. family friendly? Dinosaurs eating people, guns blazing. Oh and the killing of whales and war in Avatar. You call that "family friendly" with a movie staring a woman beater?

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