1. It really is, she’s incapable adult conversation and she lives in her own imaginary world. It goes back to seeing her interact with her mother - she couldn’t be honest with her about how things were with Mike, so she just lied.

  2. Ukrainian women are either too honest, too serious, or too much. There aren’t any moderate Ukrainian women. Natalie is off the charts. Yara is a entitled brat.

  3. Cesar? Is that you generalizing a whole country of women?

  4. Only the ones who try to get with Americans. Only three types date the lonely losers I’ve know. They’re from a hard dreary corrupt country. The ones who leave Ukraine for the US weren’t doing much with their lives there anyway. Intellectuals and successful career professionals go to EU countries or South America not the US. If a Ukrainian says they have a professional degree and they moved to the US they either didn’t finish school, did poorly in the workforce or they couldn’t compete in the job market . That’s why they often don’t work in their degree when they are in the US.

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