1. Oh my fucking god stop projecting the sick shit in your own head. It's just art and there's nothing sexual about the photo

  2. I need to know how much the Epi Giganteum was, it's literally awesome

  3. Are the TC not different kinds of Alocasia? That would explain the difference in growth rate.

  4. Dont think anyone has mentioned Titanoboa yet

  5. That's neat, but it doesn't seem like it could be supported by any ecosystem that currently exist, considering how different its native regions could have been hat long ago.

  6. I think it's the "Neon Joy", global green isn't as bright as this.

  7. Disney/marvel is boring now and theyve ruined a number of historic characters recently

  8. That’s it? Deku didn’t pee in Bakugo and speed blitz everyone? 💀

  9. Ah makes sense. I've just never seen that before. I'm not so much a pothos person but I've seen white sport golden pothos and scrambled eggs pothos that seem to be uncommon...I thought maybe I had something similar..

  10. This definitely looks like a sport to me, it has yellow and white variegation. I'd ask

  11. I dunno, I've had good pizza all my life and have never had a crust as good as people claim. I'm not exactly salivating over glorified toast that a tomato busted a fat nut on

  12. Context matters, a 24 year old and a 28 year old? Fine, but a 11 year old and a 15 year old?

  13. god I wish people would try to understand this rather than get upset and immediately downvoted. you are correct. the neurodiverse community can come across as being blunt, when we are just trying to say it as it is and might not understand that it comes across as rude.

  14. Jeez your comment and upvotes make it seem as if she's yellow and has four fingers. Are the art styles really that obviously different? And am I that blind then? Cause, I'm looking at Shinobu's photo on the right and gauging by eyes, nose, chin, I'm not seeing that large a style difference between the two?

  15. A little too thick for how old she is and how her figure actually is. It’s not like you’re overly sexualizing her but it’s a bit much. Sorry if I’m seeming like a karen, but it’s a nice drawing overall. 👍

  16. Mine always flop over, even with tying them to a bamboo stake and using the proper strong metal mesh. Idk what I'm doing wrong.

  17. Since you’re apparently close to me what’s your thoughts on BWH?

  18. I love the website and the name, but I haven't bought from them yet. Though I've had my eyes on the Reverted Domesticum in particular

  19. For Epipremnum, I'd say any of the Teruno World varieties. Personally, I think Skeleton key is best

  20. I don't have a link, but some lady made a post about her husband. In which she found his year old "cum jar" and threw it away. In his anger after he found out, the man revealed that he had secretly been sneaking it into the food he makes for her. Afterwards, he got a new jar and exclaimed "This is the cum jar now!"

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