AITA for "picking" my daughter's career for her

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  1. Your post doesn’t have a lot of detail but unless it gets a ton of great light that is probably too much water. Mine is under a grow light and I don’t water it that often.

  2. Not necessarily too late but maybe. From the pictures, it looks like way too much moisture retention. Pileas like to be in small pots with quick draining substrate. They like terra cotta, but your pot is much too big. I lost my first pilea because I didn’t fully grasp this. From the side of the plant, I think you could probably have a 4-5 inch pot.

  3. I worked in the Asheville hotel biz for several years in the 90s. Some local hotels have a no locals policy, others do not. There are a few reasons...

  4. How common is all that? I’ve never heard of a “no locals” policy. Is that a thing outside Asheville?

  5. This is so weird, I have never ever in my life heard that hotels wouldn't allow locals to stay in. wtf

  6. Me either!! As a kid, people used to have birthday parties at local motels to have a pool party. I’m from the Midwest originally and love it Durham now.

  7. This is a stereotype. Many autistic people, especially women, make a lot of eye contact, sometimes uncomfortably so. The pervasive stereotype that autistic people don’t like to make eye contact is one reason girls and women are under diagnosed.

  8. Medications are good! I am so much better with medication. If doctors strongly suggest you try it, you should. It makes me sad when people aren’t open to medication because sometimes it really can change one’s life for the better!

  9. I can’t tell if you actually want feedback based on how you have responded to others, but here is my two cents: from this picture, and what you have said already (it gets a good amount of bright, indirect light; you water it every 7 days), I think it is an over watering issue. I water my pothos closer to 10-14 days, and I do it based off the moisture level in the substrate, not a schedule. Even if you don’t think it is a watering issue, a cheap moisture meter will either confirm or reject that hypothesis. Pothos should be generously watered (I personally bottom water) and then should be allowed to get to the beginning of the “dry” category on the moisture meter (they typically have categories like dry, moist, wet, etc). Once you get a sense of how long it takes to dry out, you don’t need to always use a moisture meter.

  10. Wait until FDOC. Professors are frantically preparing this week. I still don’t even know who my TAs are for sure. If the syllabus isn’t up yet, it’s because it isn’t ready. Just be patient! The professor won’t expect you to have done anything for FDOC if the syllabus isn’t posted early.

  11. Ok! I was wondering if maybe I'm over watering. I'm listening to a plant app on when to water, now I will feel soil .

  12. Ahhh those notoriously encourage you to over water. I use Sustee aquameters (you can buy online). I have tons of plants, including pileas, and I’ve never had a plant die from watering issues. If you have watering issues, I strongly suggest you try something like this!

  13. This can be completely normal, especially if the pregnancy test is sensitive. However it could indicate a problem as well, especially since the medication was not prescribed.

  14. I am NAD but I work in abortion care. If you go to an ER, say that you had a positive pregnancy test, then several weeks ago had what you thought was a miscarriage but are now testing positive again. Say you want a blood test. At this point there should not be evidence of miso and mife. The treatment for retained tissue from an incomplete miscarriage or abortion is the same. You do not need to say you took pills you acquired online. In fact, do not do that. If you look at the data on women who have been criminally prosecuted for negative pregnancy outcomes, most have been reported to law enforcement by health providers.

  15. These plants like quite a bit of light. How close is this to a window? When I got my first pilea, I saw someone say that they basically treated theirs as a succulent (even though it isn’t). It’s not a bad way to think of it. I have one that I have subsequently given away like 8(?) baby plants from and I follow that guidance. It gets a lot of indirect light (they turn pink if it’s too much), well draining soil that doesn’t stay wet too long. The pot isn’t much bigger than the root ball. (Your pot looks pretty big - so it might be retaining too much moisture.)

  16. YTA also autistic people make great psychologists for other autistic people. I wish that I could find one, neurotypical psychologists keep trying to "cute cure" my autism and it makes me not want to seek help for my problems.

  17. I’m autistic and finally got a ADHD psychologist, and she is the best I’ve ever found. By far. I am a professor and I have seen neurodivergent students excel in a variety of majors and careers.

  18. If you chop the long cuttings into shorter ones, I think they will be healthier and you will have a fuller plant.

  19. I used them for moving, not packing, but TROSA did an excellent job on both moves. They were on time, quick, and careful with my things. Highly recommend.

  20. It’s a young monstera. More light and maybe a bigger pot/separating the vines should help

  21. I agree with this suggestion and wanted to elaborate. This person is suggesting separating the vines because Monsteras grow really quickly. If there are too many vines crowded together, it won’t grow as well (ie the leaves won’t be as big, fenestrations won’t develop as quickly, and it will be “leggy” with lots of vine between leaves). It’s easier to separate the vines before they get too big. When you decide to repot (and potentially separate the vines into a few pots), google Monstera potting mixes. As the vine gets larger, you may eventually want to add a moss pole to support it.

  22. I have this same plant and had no idea it was a monstera. When you separate them, how do you get the roots untangled?

  23. Be patient - it may take a long time to finish (think hours rather than minutes), and it may not be possible to do depending on how big and dense the vines are. Soaking the root ball in water will loosen it up. If you need to cut anything, use a sharp and sterile knife.

  24. It isn’t always necessary. However, plants purchased from a store are typically grown in nurseries with “ideal” conditions, tons of light etc. the substrate the plants are potted in is often ideal for immature plants (such as seedlings) growing in those conditions. Your house is likely to not have those same conditions. A common problem people encounter with store purchased plants is that the substrate retains too much water for the conditions, which is why it is good to add things like perlite to the substrate. Monsteras like chunky and well draining soil. You may not need to repot right away but in the long run your plant will be better for it.

  25. I was a political science major and am currently a professor. I have never heard someone say this before. It’s definitely not true.

  26. Thank you. I was trying to look into how the deficits associated with Asperger's might affect majoring and getting a good career in the field and an essay by Temple Grandin kept coming up that warned against majoring in things like political science and history, something that worried me as those are two of my favorite subjects. Besides that, a few people in other forums recommended against it.

  27. I know many people, undergrads and professors, who are autistic and study political science or history. That guidance honestly baffles me and I do a lot of college major counseling at the university where I work. You should definitely pursue whatever major you are interested in studying most, and do not be dissuaded by random advice on forums. I am not aware of that essay but I strongly strongly disagree with the suggestion that history and political science aren’t good majors for autistic people!!

  28. You should do the Jackson Center’s Northside Neighborhood walk. The Northside is the historic black neighborhood of Chapel Hill, adjacent to campus. Starting at the Jackson Center, you can listen to the documentary as it guides you through the neighborhood (ie, walk up to the yellow house on the corner and then pause there …). It’s a fun tour to do with friends - you can each listen to the tour with headphones on your own phones. I think it’s about an hour.

  29. I have to TA an 8am recitation this year and am dreading it. Not because of getting up early, but because those classes are dead. Barely anyone talks, you can't get any discussion going, more people skip than other recitation times, and I feel like everyone ends up suffering, even the few random morning people.

  30. Agree, from the perspective of an instructor. But - not all classes have discussion. If it’s a lecture, and you are a morning person, you might find you like it. Plus, your professor will love you if you appear awake and engaged.

  31. Oh man, repotting everything sounds terrible lol. Most of my stuff is coming up for a water so prior to that I’ll lift them out or the pots and see what it looks like. Can I spray the roots with neem or alcohol or will that harm them? I have neem coming tomorrow, is spraying all the plants a good idea or is that more harm if they don’t need it?

  32. I don’t know the answer to your question but I also randomly got my first case of mealies earlier this year. I have dozens of other plants - and months later, still no evidence it spread to any other plants.

  33. Can u recommend a good one near unc?

  34. If you are paid by the university I believe you would be able to open an account at the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union (NCSECU).

  35. I won’t lie, I’m definitely nervous to do this — it already looks super tangled, I can’t even imagine the roots 😅 But, I think separating will give the opportunity to add in moss poles for support. Right now it’s just growing kinda sporadically everywhere lol

  36. The cop looking at his phone had got a text from his wife, who was a teacher at the school, saying she was shot and dying. His gun was taken away and he was escorted away from the building when he tried to go in. I can’t believe I am defending a cop but in this particular instance, I think it’s pretty shitty to harp on him.

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