1. You need to double boost both balls simultaneously and rapidly, like a John Woo scene.

  2. The stand up comedian Kurt Metzger is also collaborating with Jimmy Dore. Metzger I think was against the mandates (because of his stance, he lost some gigs or lost some affiliated insurance) it came up during a debate with another comedian who was basically a status quo liberal noob:

  3. Video of Japanese professor emeritus from Kyoto University slamming the government for their negligence in ignoring proper safety measures for the covid vaccine:

  4. Another 4 day old pro-covid vaccine account was in this thread, yet again:

  5. I am not surprised another 21 day old account is defending this patronizing video that is full of misinformation.

  6. Hopefully you're feeling OK. If not, have you tried some of the different vaccine injury protocols? I can privately message you or anyone who needs them some links.

  7. Totally agree. It’s despicable. I’ve been living with rage for almost 3 years now and it’s not easy. I lost it on a cretin neighbor the other day who told me nobody died from the vaccine and that of course there are some who are hurt by it but that’s normal. That’s after I told her I’ve been vaccine injured for over 14 months. I used to hate these outbursts but for the first time I feel that it’s necessary. I don’t care anymore. Im not letting it go. They will get a response.

  8. Have you tried some of the different vaccine injury protocols? I can privately message you some links.

  9. I’ve been taking some of the vitamins. Haven’t fully tried it, to get honest. Most recommendations on these protocols seems pretty common sense, so I’m not opposed to trying. Have you been seeing progress on those?

  10. I didn't take the covid vaccines. But other people seemed to have had some positive results with the different approaches in the protocols.

  11. Every day now I read of another sudden death, or multiple. I've now heard of one sudden death in my own circle of friends. Add to that one "turbo cancer" in my extended family.

  12. People can just watch the video of Stefan Oelrich saying it, if they have an issue with this article or source.

  13. Another pro-covid vaccine account coming out of nowhere, with no prior history in the group, literally posting 15 hours a day in defence of the covid vaccine all of a sudden.

  14. The whiny comment is from another one day old account promoting the vaccine seven hours a day:

  15. In the other thread discussing this, the pro-vax account spreading misinformation and trying to prevent women from having informed consent, is 6 days old and is literally posting 8 hours a day straight.

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