1. Tumors don't really just fall off unless there is an injury to make it fall off

  2. Short of going to a vet, not really :/ even if you cut it, you don't really know how deep it goes or what all its effecting. Not to mention the risk of infection

  3. A picture of my skin in natural lighting, I'm having a hard time trying to find my skin tone, can anyone help me figure it out?

  4. I can never figure out my undertone, different people tell me different things. Also I never wear makeup because I feel like it always makes me look worse please help me!! <3

  5. I am no make up expert but I think warm tone eye shadow would look perfect. A natural base would look super cute. Btw try dark lipstick and if you want a color pop do bright or neon green or blue. Hopefully this helps sorry if that made you uncomfortable.

  6. it's set at 68 degrees, my house is like constantly fifties and someone said it was too cold

  7. I'm not a goldfish owner, just a tourist, but bloodworms easily cause constipation in Bettas due to the spines on the outside of their bodies, and constipation leads to swim bladder disease. Is it possible that this is also true for goldies?

  8. She also has these white dots on her head that maybe look like trauma... I don't think they're ich but please let me know

  9. If the white dots are only on their heads it’s probably wen growth. Have you checked your water parameters?

  10. no, i introduced him to the tank about a month ago and since there's been one addition after that

  11. Hmm. I was gonna say, if he was newer or smaller than the other goldfish he may have been picked on and got himself stuff trying to get away from the others.

  12. he was the largest one, and always first to eat, but none of them were ever aggressive with each other :/

  13. Does he constantly move his mouth like that or is he just giving you a doot doot? Is he eating normally? Is he a fish that likes to sleep on the bottom of the tank or does he prefer to sleep floating? does he float near the bottom like in the video or does he rest on the bottom of the tank? Im just trying to decern between a few different kinds of goldfish issues Ive seen in my babies. He is very cute and pretty I hope all is well with him.

  14. He does constantly move his mouth like that, and has not been eating normally. He also sleeps on the bottom of the tank. I'm thinking he may just be constipated but idk. Thank you!!

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