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  1. Does your monitor have FreeSync and what is it's refresh rate?

  2. yeah, i have freesync enabled and its 144hz...

  3. Enable FreeSync/G-Sync and in nvidia control panel enable it for windowed mode too. Turn off v sync and cap the FPS below the refresh rate. i.e 140 Fps. Preferably by RivaTuner.

  4. i found out whats actually happening, its not screen tearing but its more of like a jittering kind of thing, and it makes it look like its screen tearing but it justs like a jitter thats causing a line sort of thing, idk how to fix it tho

  5. 100% on your torrent software is actually an average. Sometimes it's missing one final piece that takes forever to get transferred from who you're connected to. If you use qbtorrent you can see this. One line will be leftover.

  6. What do you mean by turning off your client?

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