1. They blocked PPE loan forgiveness as well right? Right?

  2. I think you mean PPP loans. And no, they didn’t, as you weren’t meant to repay them as long as you didn’t layoff workers etc.

  3. Alternative : Take a picture and post it on

  4. Ugh I hate that subreddit. It just exists cause people don’t know how to spell “mildly.”

  5. Wait, they corrected it! I want to see the misspelled subreddit! What is it called?!

  6. It’s funny that he calls himself a priest but doesn’t even know that Jesus was born in 4 B.C.

  7. I was taught red, but I have always done blue because red is stupid

  8. Dr. Oz is bad but Fetterman just had a fucking stroke and nothing he says makes since.

  9. I edited the note for a couple of minutes. It’s not perfect but it’s a start:

  10. And his username looks like it starts with “intelligent.”

  11. This is why you should cut your plastic bread crust rings before throwing them away.

  12. There is a technique where you throw rocks in a fire (which hopefully will not explode) and once they are hot enough you put them in a kettle of water to boil that water. But you don't want the rocks on your plate. There is no point to have rocks when you have a functioning stove

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