1. IMO, the problem is about symbol grounding. The online typology communities are facing grounding issues, precisely because that's how online community works. Discussions are in forms of pure symbols, and there's almost no materials for grounding these symbols. Online typology communities seems to prefer the form of, like, "they are ILE instead of EIE b/c have a lot of Ti" and the sentence is pure symbols. What is this "subjective thinking" or "logic of law" thing about? What does anyone means by "have a lot of" it? Do they need to be stubborn? Or subjective? Or convey a vibe of un-scatterdness? Or, do they need to be clever or simply convey a vibe of them being clever? Or being intellectual, knowing a lot of things? Or like someone who's good at optimization? Or further, what things, what kind of behaviors indicate they have these traits?

  2. love that comment. that’s why i love Objective Personality. nuff said i guess

  3. if i had to choose between those 3 i would choose SEE. definitely not Ni over Se

  4. well it helps when the nice chocolate falls accidentally into your childrens pockets as you’re shopping.

  5. Your view on this I don’t wholy if I know if I agree. But do you think si would be effected if you missed at least one if not more of your senses? Just wondering. Interested to hear what you have to say. I don’t know if this will change my view but yeah. Just in lew of this video.

  6. i would hazard a guess that if i went blind today, i would act a little more on my dastardly bad Ne lol.. or maybe even make the jump all the way to Ni. you have to know what to expect when you lose a sense. but keep in mind, a lot of Si is a mental map of my surroundings. it is also heavily leaned on hearing, i know what object hits the hardwood floor in my house by the sound of it

  7. yeah he was easy mode when it comes to babies. like naps and food at the same times every day. i mean he’s still like that because rational but he kind of made his schedule on his own. if you held a toy upside down he would give you an “are you serious” look and turn it upright lol he was a nut. clean up was fun and easy for him to learn, which toys go in which box. babies don’t exactly say much yet but the actions speak pretty loud. he was a reserved and quiet baby but now oh my god he won’t shut up. the Objective Personality term “blast” comes to mind, with that big honkin Te at the top he will tell you everything unimportant XD

  8. I see. Yeah, my mom told me I was also such an easy baby. How old is your son now? I'm not that familiar with Objective Personality. But yeah, kids do change a lot quickly (I don't have my own yet, but I used to work with kids And also, sometimes a kid behaves 180 differently in kindergarten and at home, it's interesting to observe.

  9. he’s 5. who knows he may swap back. i may be bad at typing and he’s still a plain ol loud LSI like his grandma.

  10. you’re not looking for genetic features like bone shape or hair color, you’re looking for muscle movements. your nervous system which connects your brain to your muscles is what manifests type into your musculature and common movements you make. you can think of your muscles like a sheet draped over a mechanical robot. the shape of the metal and gears underneath is not what tells type, but the swing of the sheet and the motions that the robot makes to effect (or disengage from) the outside world. hand gestures are an easy place to start. eye darting and what the eyes focus on is an easy second step. this supplements verbal content and cues when you can clearly tell say someone is talking about an SF subject but you can’t tell between SEE, SEI, ESE, and ESI. temperament shows quite well in movements and interactions (or again, lack thereof).

  11. yes because females and males are often brought up in their culture to behave a certain way. the person always bleeds through especially in facial movements which are hard to control

  12. I wish something would be done about the leading cause of death for pregnant/postpartum Americans……..homicide.

  13. Yes, actually, according to actual doctors and nutritionists many humans DO need meat to survive. Here, learn something:

  14. am vegan for 5 years now. went vegan for the health and environment benefits and stayed for animal rights and the above reasons. good read. getting a supplement this week based on this read. not all of us are effing stupid lol

  15. This is everyone’s reminder that sharing a bed with a baby is extremely dangerous and deadly.

  16. you think that skinny mom could crush that beefy kid? your psa applies to obese people…

  17. definitely something i should have considered, me being ignorant to a situation and products i’ve not had to deal with for a long time. looking at it, yeah it’s a strange way of thinking, advocating for fewer options due to my thinking of it in a very one dimensional way. ‘they’re advertising a new and improved, so why keep the old faulty item?’ i was trying to come from the angle that people should have only the best items available to them especially when the items are essential to their life, comfort and health, but failed to consider the fact that different people are different and more options is always better, that the old products weren’t “faulty” for everyone, plus this situation does’t even really fall under the umbrella of anti consumption either. still got a lot to learn, one lesson being to not post on reddit over something i don’t know about after a couple drinks, but that more perspective is important when understanding other people different to me, thank you i appreciate this for real

  18. Wait! Milk isn’t healthy? I only put it on my cereal, but…

  19. well cows milk contains pregnancy hormones because the cows are kept pregnant and have their newborn taken every time to continue milk production. same as human milk production. think about what cows milk is, growth formula to turn a 50 pound calf into a half ton cow or bull as soon as physically possible. now consider what that does to an adult human ape body. calcium is an overrated nutrient due to dairy lobbyist influence in dietary recommendations, we don’t actually require as much as the labels say, theres a rabbit hole there. plant mills are considerably better because of the last of hormones (soy does not contain animal hormones that affect animals) with some like rice and oat being probably best because they’re made from grains which are easy to digest and contain many nutrients that humans need :)

  20. weird, like half of me wants to speed along what they’re saying as if it’s the same thought i would form, you know, but then half of me is like “this idea is so dumb why is this your life” lol

  21. I have taste and want to do well at my job, so I will marry my business partner, the ILE.

  22. Can it be proven, without subjective analysis from an individual, that someone does NOT have autism?

  23. Replace chicken with plant alternatives and save extra dollars. Beans are like 10x cheaper and lentils 20x cheaper.

  24. white beans + bread crumbs or stuffing + garlic salt = chiggin patty fry oil yumyum

  25. Thanks! I am starting to think I was right about SEI. I’m curious tho, do you think SEI can be (or maybe you consider yourself this) still good at typically intuitive (specially Ne) traits?

  26. totally yeah. all of that. flashback time at work long ago we are brainstorming for a new product name but i literally cannot. like unable to produce new information. in the vacuum you will find you cannot produce new info with that Ne but boom put a dual or other Ne in the room and i can bounce off of that all day long and make it LOOK like i’m using Ne. same way my beloved ILE has these comfort routines after work they don’t exist in the vacuum, i “allow” that Si to happen in a way just by being here. duality balances and makes each person more complete because their low functions are “allowed” it’s beautiful.

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