1. Just a little follow up. Seeing bfep phenomena like the white dots in the sky, is it normal? I have been seeing those since i was a kid. They are blood cells, right?

  2. If they look like fireflies swarming in your vision…those are just the white blood cells inside of your eye

  3. I believe you are seeing phosphenes? Blue field enthoptic phenomenon usually are there all the time too...

  4. I have had floaters and ocular migraines without headache for some time now….I know that others have different symptoms that will not be exactly the same as mine

  5. I remember someone doing the math when Arioch was new and found that yeah, 30% of max hp is used as a direct replacement for attack. The formula doesnt change for pdef/mdef skills, either.

  6. I wish they would make more skills like Earthquake and Muscle Punch that would scale off Mag DEF

  7. Why did they even bother with a “news” video when the only “new” thing announced was PCGF results, which they’ll make a FB post for anyway? Why waste time on pointless things instead of content players might pay for?

  8. The small clear/transparent dots that leave little trails that appear to be floating/dancing are actually the white blood cells inside your eye

  9. Missile Mastery lvl. 4 works pretty good…I use it together with Shadow Clone, 3x purple Missile Balls, purple Missile Chaser and purple Special Combo (increases combo count by 5 for each special ball hit)

  10. It’s not that bad…it just takes a little too much effort to go back and forth farming encounters

  11. He probably listens to everything…kinda hard to tune out everything else to listen to music with super hearing

  12. I have 3 repel elec for Thor’s second phase. I use Demiurge for first phase, Demeter for second phase. Too bad I couldn’t get Demiurge to teal.

  13. I usually see small dots that are barely visible when the lights are off in my bedroom

  14. I'm confused as to how back stab would be helpful, since it's impossible to get behind these guys

  15. You do not get a discount for 10 pulls…I had gotten a Yeti, Raccoon and Nian doing single pulls

  16. You do realize that the base card and assist have the same active skill and was buffed…now has null pierce

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