1. When are we getting better wages/raises 😝

  2. Oh! I’ve never heard that phrase before

  3. I hate when people get on the "like" train in podcasts.

  4. The like train in general. I have a coworker who uses it constantly that if they cut it out or their vocabulary they could get the sentence out in a third of the time.

  5. Was the pay worth the stress of the job?

  6. Yes, I figure extra steps won’t hurt.

  7. grocery store jobs will probably never pay well. its the nature of the industry. wfm does pay better than some competitors however.

  8. Just because it’s the industry doesn’t make it right. Things change, look how “essential” we were during Covid like OP pointed out. If we don’t speak up it’s going to remain the same.

  9. I used to answer but then it made things worse at our store. Now I scoff and refuse to answer.

  10. How so? If you don’t mind answering.

  11. I'm brutally honest in every single survey they put out. Things don't change if we don't speak up. Our starting pay is not competitive anymore. We need to have affordable benefits for part-time and full-time positions. This company has to learn that it runs on our labor, not the other way around. We will not be fooled any more by fluffy talk of being heroes to our communities. We want part of those record profits they keep bragging about.

  12. Yes to all of that!! I seriously wrote every point you made into the comment section.

  13. $.99, I’m always cutting them up and putting them in my eggs

  14. If the onions have the bulbs on the end, save them and put them in water. They’ll keep growing

  15. What I say to every customer who complains about something I have no control over

  16. They don’t call it “Whole Pay Check” for no reason😆🤣😆🤣

  17. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that unoriginal joke I could retire from this place

  18. Signs. I watched it as a kid and whenever I look out to my neighbors roof at night I just imagine the alien standing on top. Still freaks me out 20 years later

  19. Right when a couple wakes up in bed and they start making out. Morning breath doesn’t exist in movies just IRL.

  20. So if everyone is dead, how are they going to eat, get clean water, remove their rubbish, provide electricity, give them medical attention, fix their cars? These people logic are so far out the window it’s in space.

  21. I was very lucky when I moved out. I was 21 and was grandfathered in a $1200 rent that I split with 3 other people in a decent size house. Then my parents were apart of the good economy when jobs paid decently well in the late 90s early 00s and they were able to give me about $60k for a down payment for a house in 2017.

  22. Yeah same here. It says I have a video at 1.8M but really it’s 1.5M. I’m not mad but it will be disappointing when it corrects to the actual view count.

  23. is this ur first month in the program? if not has it corrected before?

  24. Same thing here… word for word and I’ve tried everything except it’s been over three months now. One thing I can add is that I have even tried contacting Instagram on my desktop for support as a last resort and even there I get an error that my username is invalid. So, there’s no way to get in touch with Instagram support! Errors only errors…

  25. I’ve gotten in contact with support but they’re just as useless as everyone says. I want to give up but I also want money because my page does pretty well with views

  26. Nope and my “monetization support” is broken. If I try to click contact support it says an unexpected error occurred. I’ve sent general error reports. Nothing is fixed.

  27. Ok so still the same bullshit then I guess. I’ve contacted Facebook support and they all gave me the same runaround. Literally useless. What makes me mad is taking our info and not paying us. Is that even legal? It’s so frustrating!

  28. Having the same exact issues as you’ve described. Was eligible, invited, then deemed ineligible for “community guidelines” which I read through many times. I have no violations, or strikes. All of my content is original with no other watermarks, I have 82K followers and my engagement is really good. And the email I got back said this is a final decision. I’m going to keep trying until someone can explain what exactly I’m doing wrong. Best of luck to you all!

  29. Actually it was a glitch apparently that instagram fixed itself after like 2-3 weeks. I’ve seen that happen to others as well. Just give it a cycle to sort itself out after getting the invitation and filling out the info.

  30. It’s been about 2 months now though :(

  31. I literally have the same exact reason!! My content though i would say can be risky because i post outfits to trending songs so i gueds in a way sometimes it can be revealing clothes, not like im naked or showing bare booty lol. So i thought maybe it was that. But more people have this problem and when they try to use support it doesn’t load so i’m suspecting something else

  32. Did you even get it resolved?

  33. When I click on “Ineligible” it says the same thing! But still doesn’t cite a specific post where I violated the community guidelines! Hopefully it’s just a bug and gets resolved since it seems like a lot of people are experiencing this

  34. OP Did you ever figure it out?

  35. Apparently my account was ineligible because I’m not signed up for user pay? I have no idea what that is and I can’t find it in the app. They told me to set up user pay, then send in another appeal for reevaluation.

  36. I emailed back asking what it was and that I couldn’t find it in the app or in the help center. They only seem to reply after midnight too

  37. Welcome to the party of Instagram screwing a bunch of people over. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t get into contact with anyone. I’ve had this issue for over a month too :(

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