IamA 22 year old girl in Iran where they killed Mahsa Amini and people are protesting against the regime.AMA!

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  1. Wearing noise cancelling headphones near a circular saw is ABSOLUTELY NOT ENOUGH to stop kids with classic autism from having sensory overload and hurting themselves. My son wears them all the time and still I have to ask people like neighbours to stop their power tools when we get home so I can transition my son into the house so he doesn't freak-out and start hitting himself or me.

  2. I'm curious as to why this wasn't on the news in Michigan and why I haven't heard of this because I am from Michigan yes I understand it probably has to do with different regions gets different news sources but still I got nothing from my local news app

  3. For those Fed up with people not posting the Cannibal article link...

  4. We took the even less boring approach and didn't want to know what sex our kids were until they were born. There aren't enough surprises in life and it's so totally worth the wait to finally find out.

  5. Do you think Iran would be a better country if the US and UK had not overthrown Iran's democratic government in 1953?

  6. I truly hope this is a real turning point for the people of Iran. I worry about what the current regime will do if they are seriously threatened, because I am sure it will not be pretty.

  7. Maybe if America hadn't overthrown Iran's Democracy in 1953 and removed its western educated prime minister and replaced him with a dictator, things might be different there.

  8. I highly doubt he's a medical doctor... At least I really fucking hope he isn't...

  9. He's a real MD. I'd post his name but IDK if that's allowed here. He's also presently under indictment for aggravated assault for his alleged involvement in a voting-fraud investigation that resulted in a private investigator attacking and holding at gunpoint an air conditioning equipment repairman.

  10. The Royal Families estate is made up of publicly owned properties and trust (that generate income by the public, and are looked after by taxes). Therefore, money generated by publicly owned property is used to fund the Royal Family, like this funeral.

  11. The Crown Estate is not property of the public. Its is owned by the monarchy.

  12. Not the Crown Estate - it's called the Sovereign Grant.

  13. The Sovereign Grant replaced the Civil List. FFS, I know what I'm talking about. Why don't you guys go argue with a history book, because seriously this inane bullshit is not worth my time.

  14. Former Trump adviser Johnny McEntee says, "Gaetz told him during a brief meeting 'that they are launching an investigation into him or that there’s an investigation into him' adding, 'he did not do anything wrong but they are trying to make his life hell, and you know, if the president could give him a pardon, that would be great.'"

  15. To be fair (pun intended) Persian people are mostly Caucasian.

  16. Biden prefers Dark Brawndo--'it's got electrolytes'

  17. The property is owned by the monarchy but is managed by the government and cannot be sold. It's more like a trust where the beneficiary gets 25% of the annual profits and the trustee (the government) takes 75%--up until a few years ago it was 85%. The crown asked to increase temporarily to pay for repairs to Buckingham and Windsor. So for over 260 years they were taxed at an 85% tax rate.

  18. I'm sorry. I get that response from a lot of my photoshopping.

  19. TIL I'm apparently a child, can I get the kids discount now please?

  20. No, you've just forgotten that 'Classic Autism' exists.

  21. See here's the thing... She (was) OUR QUEEN TOO... Also its not like we just take every single coin and $20 bill out of circulation to replace them. Just like the US and other countries im sure, we continually mint new bills and destroy old ones. I don't think swapping out the template one day is going to cause a massive disruption.

  22. Soon, Harry and William won't have to look at a pic of Nan anymore every time they stick a fiver in a stripper's g-string.

  23. Should have simply pressed the BIG RED BUTTON that emergency stops this Aluminium extrusion press.

  24. Tell President Biden: Follow through on your commitment to expunge marijuana records and legalize it

  25. He said he wanted to decriminalize it not legalize it.

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