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  1. I’ve tried to get some info out of them via WhatsApp but I don’t want to be brutally honest and ask “are you a scam?”

  2. It’s not like they are going to tell you that they are a scam if you ask anyway

  3. Why would you choose “King Salmon” for “K” and not like, Kiwi or Kale or Kumquat?

  4. Haven’t even got the motivation to put a Christmas tree up this year.. what’s the point

  5. I walked in with a sausage roll and conversely received a hoodie.

  6. I am a sausage roll and walked into greggs and received a human

  7. My Ford F-150 has a mesh panel on the front too, for bugs at high speeds. Religion is a fuckin joke.

  8. I think you have to be a bit more careful with raw milk because it isn’t pasteurised or homogenised. If you leave it too long bacteria levels will start to increase very quick.

  9. Yeah my whole family got really Ill from drinking raw milk from a farm. Never again

  10. This whole thread has got Facebook written all over it.

  11. Wonder if this was an intentional reference in the show?

  12. He lost his job, that’s the bad news, so he can’t afford to heat the sausages.

  13. I know this was a long time ago but just wanted to post a solution. I found it was iLok which caused it. Updated iLok and no problems anymore

  14. I done the downloading and then I done a wank

  15. Primark have this problem, chicken nuggets and kids sandwiches squashed all over the floor. I slipped on a ham and Mayo sandwich and hit my head on a railing. These parents are inconsiderate cunts. There’s bins outside stop leaving your costa and Starbucks cups everywhere.

  16. I always accessorise my outfits with extra bones

  17. Are you asking if its weird that a gay guy finds a guy hot?

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