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  1. i love cow boy, really great villain with good ability, he is also the most Jonathan-like out of the DIO kids imo which is a big thing going for him.

  2. bruh the owl house made a better black shaggy than HBO max's black shaggy

  3. I doubt Humans & Witches with Demons can co-exist due to Humanity's twisted nature...

  4. yeah but also because of the insane power difference between the average witch and the average human

  5. It's a very good show and worth the watch, just don't get too deep in the fan base culture and you'll be fine

  6. I think it's also important to mention that Dell's palisman is similar to Belos

  7. a lot of things in the show are inconsistent, like why do Eda and Lilith make potions? I assumed they can't do magic, same with rebel coven heads making a potion to enter Belos' mind despite having sigils that don't let them use potion magic.

  8. I think you can make fun of any scandal of public figures but you have to make sure the joke is on the right person. Like you can't make fun of bosses making sure HR rules are being followed, you need to make fun of the one gross, stupid and selfish enough to break them.

  9. nah you can make fun of all parties involved but only if it's in a tasteful way, like having jokes about the tri guys is fine and even expected(after all they're supposed to be a sketch show), but the jokes in the SNL skit weren't tasteful and missed the point completely

  10. But if it faded, we'd start seeing more of her natural brown hair... not this pale purple

  11. notice the water mark on the bottom right side of her desktop wallpaper

  12. it was fun, like the comedy was mostly on point and despite the long episode format being a new thing for this show, the episodes didnt drag out(with some exceptions) and the 3 guys got to have more characterization.

  13. the MCU started producing too much content for the average person the follow, and that content is almost always mediocre so it's hard to even get motivated to watch that content.

  14. Personally I think the decision is weird. Now this sub might just go ahead and call me racist and downvote me into oblivion, but here is my genuine thought. Instead of changing the race of a past character that is already defined, why not just create a brand new character with their completely own story. I see this when people turn for example, Amity black. Everyone loves it, and yeah I like the art, but I still find it weird. If someone made art of Luz or Gus white then everyone would go crazy. I get it, representation matters, and I agree, but that just feels like a lazy way of doing that. There are a lot of POC mermaid stories they could’ve chosen, why not adapt one of those? I just wish that instead of changing classics that no one had a problem with, people would create a new classic, with its own identity and themes and representation. Now I know people are probably gonna downvote me and call me racist, but that’s my actual opinion. I would like to have a genuine conversation with people rather than just calling each other bad things.

  15. like, imma say it, Disney remakes are always bad, they miss the point like the Lion king and Pinocchio remakes and are a way to capitalize on an actual good original movie and nostalgia bait, and people are starting to catch on to this cheap cash grab.

  16. not really. a lot of Hebrew speaking folks use either plural pronouns (they are gendered too, but the male plural is used so much to address a large amount of people that it can be seen as gender neutral), or a mix of both male and female pronouns. in the dub they just used male pronouns when they could've used one of the 2 options :/

  17. Hebrew dubs in general are so low quality that I doubt they did that on purpose tho

  18. Josuke is one of the straightest lol. Giorno and Jotaro tho, they gay.

  19. I'm big on the Giorno is ace thing, Jotaro is definitely gay tho

  20. this canonizes their names as yellow guy, red guy and duck

  21. On a non neckbeard note I'm more afraid it's gonna be like what George Lucas did to the original trilogy and add really awkward segments that make no sense.

  22. it's also not old enough to need a remake, did anyone ever play the last of us recently and went like "these graphics are too old and bad looking! they need to remake this game with better graphics"

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