1. As an absolute godlike chad looking specimen, I can confirm it is over-rated.

  2. Might get hate but I feel this way about pewdiepie. Maybe it was because I was young and immature when I first started watching him but as soon as he drifted away from gaming and started doing reactions videos I feel like his whole character/personality went downhill. I get it, it made him unhappy by playing a character for the internet which sucks but now I can see that he genuinely sucks as a person and is very stuck up. Being a fake person is shitty but I digress, you make a fuck ton of money for being on the internet all day and have whatever you want, god forbid not everything is to your liking. I don’t feel bad for them.

  3. Come on dude, there are plenty out there that put in the time and effort. I just don't understand how people can consume this type of content.

  4. You're right I'm sorry okay. You just go back listening to them whine in peace okay.

  5. Hey if she went down a couple more feet she might meet see her grandson that I refused to give the cure to again.

  6. I normally play as female because 1 I feel like her voice lines have more passion and personality (not when I did a sarcastic playthrough though) and 2 if I'm gonna be staring at an ass for +-200 hours, might as well make it a nice one.

  7. I asked the same thing before and after I told my wife she needs to improve her cooking.

  8. I keep falling trough the floor into the backrooms anybody know why this happens or Is It just csuse bethesda Is In charge?

  9. What mod do you use that make nighttime and dark places look more dark?

  10. Anyone else always find mama Murphy and a Brahmin on top of their house in sanctuary?

  11. If you look strait into the hole of a gun, you could see the bullet before it empties your brains from your skull.

  12. I probably would've been a bigger fan of the institute guns but I could never get over how it takes up a quarter of the screen.

  13. Awesome! Are you using a mod that let's you use as much space as possible?

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