1. In the first few seasons she was def baked lmAo I smoke all the time I can tell when people are high no one can fool me

  2. I just saw the tik tok posted on here and thought the same thing lol like that fake sugar is worse for you than actual sugar lmfao

  3. Yeah she was a model we’ve been over this before and she actually is extremely pretty. In the first couple of seasons I thought she looked pretty average but idk if she got a new foundation or if the cameras are just better but she’s actually flawless and has become one of my faves I didn’t like her in the first few seasons

  4. I was lmao at this part of the reunion just bc of mayas face I was like hahahahahaha Omg what a reaction lol

  5. I had some friends at school that were a 1/4 black and they would always just say that like I’m a quarter black and we were all thought it was funny but I’m also from NH and I don’t think there was even one fully African American at my school which is so bizarre to me now that I’ve been to college but none of us were ever mean to the colored people in high school and everyone actually wanted to be their friends bc they thought they were cool bc they were black or dark lol (some would still say that’s racists but they didn’t care and they actually loved being praised for their skin color or at least acted 100% fine with it and always did hangout with those people outside of school too)

  6. If I had to give a description about someone to the police for whatever reason do you think I’m sitting there thinking about this criminals feelings as I describe what they look like? I’d be blunt asf and say they were fat as hell probably like 350 at least or I’d say they were skinnier than shit probably weigh no more than 110 lbs soaking wet

  7. Omg Denise still looks like she’s on drugs and Adrian looks so awful what happened

  8. She said it about Kanye when she was with him didn’t she? So I wouldn’t be upset over it. Everyone tells their current partner that

  9. Or thinks that in the moment anyways until they get a taste of new dick or fuck them a few years later after they break up and the sex is actually god awful

  10. Definitely not so tall that you’d be bullied for it, tho.

  11. It’s tall enough to be insecure about when you’re young lol I’m 5’8 and now that I’m an adult I feel very confident and I’m so happy with my height honestly but when I was younger I felt really really insecure like when people call you big it makes u feel like shit especially when you were never fat and being taller than most of the guys until we all turned like 16 🫠

  12. Idk what guys say about me and I don’t want to know but no one’s called me a slut, whore, or anything like that before but people probably would if they knew how many people I’ve slept with lol college was chill

  13. How do kids keep breaking limbs? I haven’t broken any bones yet in my life, am I just too careful?

  14. Don’t say that I said the same thing in college then I literally fell off my bed while I was baked trying to get up on it and somehow broke my foot in half and it was like a 9 month recovery. Even worse I thought I just gave myself a Charlie horse somehow so I didn’t even notice it was broken until the next morning and I was in the middle of my college campus lol

  15. I got banned from commenting on that sub [AITA] because of idiotic posts like that hahahahaha

  16. My dad broke his neck in a car accident before he even made it through boot camp. Emergencies have a tendency to come unexpected. Plus, a lot can happen between now and September, he may not even end up going at all

  17. My brother went to Boot Camp for like a week or something and then got kicked out lmao

  18. He got kicked out for lying on his papers and they somehow didn’t catch it until he was already down there

  19. Yes, the way he acts and knowing his past resembles my last ex hard. It’s been 7 months but I’m still healing and quite depressed. Seeing how he love bombs her really makes me cringe. It is a very unforgettable and sad feeling. My walls are built so high now, I’m afraid I’ll never welcome anyone back into my life romantically again. I hope for her sake that we are wrong because she does deserve to be treated like a queen and I don’t want anyone to feel this way.

  20. I’m still traumatized from my boyfriend in high school and we broke up 5 years ago. We dated for about 2 years but the creep kept keeping tabs on me for 2 years after we broke up and he broke up with me out of nowhere! I was so devastated and haven’t dated anyone since because it actually was traumatic

  21. I feel so bad for you. That’s such a tough situation but it’s still early in the pregnancy maybe you could find an actual decent man for your baby. I wouldn’t let him sign the birth certificate or have any rights to the baby.

  22. I’ve thought about just packing up my stuff and going back to my parents house and trying to find a life. I wish we all had your honesty. If he has told me the same story she did I would’ve honestly accepted it and tried to move on. But he’s denying the timing altogether and saying it wasn’t necessary to tell me. Like everything in my life for the past year has been a lie and everyone I was surrounded by me lied and let me look like a fool

  23. That’s probably the worst part. Not only being betrayed by him but by everyone who knew what happened and no one ever told you. I can see why it’s no big deal to him since it happened so long ago but it makes it so much worse for you because it makes you question the whole last year you had with him and now you can’t even tell if he’s genuine or not. He doesn’t seem it though if he’s going to keep lying about it and the timing. Why would your friend say it was after the miscarriage if it wasn’t? Her admitting that makes her sound like worst person ever, if it really was before you ever dated you’d think she would be fine with you never knowing or you would’ve known before you started dating that that had happened

  24. I’m 22F (haven’t dated since high school but I did have a boyfriend for a few years in high school) and if he got in a car accident and was in the hospital for months I’d be there everyday I didn’t have work. I would be so scared about the whole thing and the fact that my boyfriend could’ve just died and DID get seriously hurt. I get that taking care of your boyfriend when they’re hurt can be annoying especially when you’re young but like grow up? I’m assuming she just graduated college or is going into her last year now, she really needs to grow up and get her priorities straight. To me it sounds like she never liked you and thought she did so she was seeing you in the hospital everyday then after not being able to do anything except see u in the bed made her realize she doesn’t actually like you and maybe only likes the sex or things you would do for her like cook for her (if you did anything like that before the accident)

  25. Did she delete it? I dont see any posts or stories on her IG anymore lol did someone screenshot it

  26. I know he can’t help it but there’s something about his voice that sends shivers down my spine. I can’t pin point it

  27. Doesn't he sound like some creep that would pull over on the side of the road when your walking home and ask if they can give you a ride?

  28. Alex should've hired herself a team when she was at barstool if this was the way she knew she eventually wanted to go because her target fan base is 16-19 year olds. I stopped listening and finding it entertaining a few months before Alex and her cohost went separate ways. What is she asking even asking Christine, how she sucks dick? She probably didnt even watch selling sunsets either

  29. u should probably watch it before making assumptions? lmao

  30. Why would I watch it when Alex makes jokes about peoples stepdads raping them (literally made that joke just a few months ago) and never apologizes for it and says a bunch of other disgusting shit, im good lol

  31. If they try and leave, they don't have any of the IP associated with CITO. That may or may not mean anything, but if you see what happened with Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper numbers stayed the same and Sofia's solo pod did way worse numbers.

  32. Literally no one likes Alex Cooper and from her first single episode she dropped after her and Sofia stopped recording together she just loses more and more people

  33. IMAGINE being the person who saw that go down and you were the one to spill the tea!! Idk about the rest of you but I would be so excited to share all that with everyone like omfg y'all are not gonna believe this shit

  34. Does she even make money off this shit like is anyone buying this fr

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