1. I’m personally amazed (and intrigued) that the prolapse seemingly went away of its own accord and hasn’t recurred with subsequent pregnancies/deliveries

  2. It didn’t. They don’t work like that. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. I’ve worked with tons of women with them and they don’t just go away. More pregnancies so make them worse though. I had a client that almost bled to death because her uterus almost fell out of her body while she was on vacation in Mexico. Karissa is full of crap.

  3. Yes, this was my thinking too. I’ve just been dx with POP (after only having one baby, wtf?!) and am seriously considering whether that alone means I’ve gotta be ‘one and done’.

  4. It's excellent to see this happening. We're accustomed to everyone picking up American lingo from TV so the reverse happening is quite entertaining!

  5. Grapat, Raduga Grez, potentially Ostheimer, are a few of the brands I can think of that would do this sort of toy

  6. The fairytale episode absolutely blew my mind bcs I was so certain until then that Bandit and Chilli were fairly ‘young’ parents, in their mid-thirties at absolute most

  7. I mean i don't know the show necessarily takes place in 2020 Maybe it's 2000

  8. TIL I was actually younger that Karissa was when we each had our first child 🤯 I just assumed that to have that many children, before she’s even forty, she must have started at like 19 or something.

  9. Am I the only person who found the taped confession all a little too convenient? I found it stupendously hard to believe that after 34 years, this man can remember word for word the conversations that took place, as well as the pauses in between. That, in addition to the fact that he didn’t come forward earlier (although I know there are many reasons why people don’t do this and it’s not as simple as it sounds), make me doubt the validity of his statement.

  10. I want the full story on this magical place 💫💫 do you own it? Do you live here? Or is it a holiday home?

  11. me / my family have owned this property for over 50 years! no running water or electricity, just a simple cabin in the woods next to a lake :)

  12. The crazy part about this story is God "talking" to her about her Son's private area. I'm sorry but that fkng weird. Why would she even think of that? I truly don't get it.

  13. SUCH a red flag. I feel like this woman mentions ‘fasting’ entirely too frequently. I don’t think fasting is ever particularly healthy, but it’s sure as shit not when you’re pregnant!!

  14. Because of the small number of people I find attractive, some of them are men (and these are the feelings I was encouraged to focus on and encourage, hence the late-blooming),

  15. The revelation that Young Earth Creationism is not some fringe, freakshow sect (as it is here in Aus) but a solid part of mainstream Christianity in the US, has been such a shock for me. I attended Catholic schooling between ages 5-16 and not once was I taught anything other than that Evolution was the explanation for diversity of life on earth + the earth was many billions of years old

  16. Not to play the blame game here but Ken Ham (the author in OP's post) is Australian! To be fair, there's probably a reason why most of his work is more popular in the US as we have more fundamentalists.

  17. Haha yes I know he’s an Aussie! V regrettable export of ours, but I def think it’s telling that hes got basically zero audience at home and had only made a name for himself OS

  18. Abbie is so fucking weird. She’s kinda hard to snark on, imo. Like, Jillpm can’t figure out for the life of her how not to post dumb shit, but Abbie has some degree of self awareness about what makes her look bad and doesn’t post stuff that draws too much criticism. Prob would have to buy her book to get good snarkable stuff.

  19. Yes, Abbie’s def far, far craftier than any of the fundies typically snarked on in here- she’s cunning, quite intelligent, and very wealthy to boot. But once in a while she just tells on herself spectacularly- such as when she posts a series of story slides for her twin daughters’ super special tenth-birthday trip away just with Mama, and manages to make every single one about herself

  20. Omg I’m so glad someone posted this here. These stories abt her ‘twinsies’ super special birthday trip with her just made me so sad

  21. The timing matters as well imo! It's one thing for a 30 year old to meet a 24 year old and develop a relationship from there. Its another thing when it's an adult crushing on a minor. I'm currently 22 and anyone younger than 20 looks like a child to me.

  22. I’m here to say even 30v 24 is a pretty big difference in terms of life experience and etc. honestly, at least for cis-het relos, I reckon anything more than 4 years, when either party is under 30, is problematic territory

  23. I'm sure it's just the exhaustion. No reason to assume some master plan when we have a perfectly reasonable explanation right there.

  24. Has anyone in here EVER given birth?! I had a traumatic and difficult delivery too and for the first few days afterwards I was certainly in no state to be posting to social media- I was recovering from major trauma, I was very sick, resting a lot- and my baby was in NICU, so my then-partner was fairly distracted also.

  25. How are midwives at fixing HELLP Syndrome? Can they regenerate platelets?

  26. Serious question. Could there be major legal ramifications outside of footy?

  27. Yes, I was wondering the same thing- surely a horrendous breach of a duty of care, a violation of workplace laws, and a matter of racial discrimination- some of the behaviour is also so utterly abusive that I’d wonder whether it breaches any criminal law as well, tho I don’t honestly know.

  28. Ehmm I don’t know quite what you mean by ‘the baby threat’ (like- is it the pressure to terminate pregnancies you’re referring to?) but I think if Indig players were subject to these sorts of interventions and non-Indig players were not I feel like that’s a fairly decent prima facie case for racial discrimination

  29. One of the most harrowing articles I’ve ever read in the context of a professional sports club.

  30. Agreed, the threads on the AFL subreddit are restoring my faith in humanity (and the game!) somewhat, nobody is defending this, and fans across all clubs are rightly horrified and enraged.

  31. I felt physically sick reading this. The fact these things occurred so recently is extra fucked.

  32. The problem is people like me who have used nurse midwives and had all the proper pre-natal care get lumped together in statistics with people who had zero pre-natal care and free birthed, or people who had midwives with poor or no licenses. At the end of the day I believe there are ways to make birth outside of the hospital safe.

  33. Likewise, statistics for c-section outcomes can lump in planned w emergency sections- and these are obviously vastly different. But there’s unfortunately no denying that, however much precaution, however qualified the midwife present, home birth is more dangerous than hospital birth

  34. You are completely right. Lots of people died. But lots of women die now due to poorly practiced medicine in hospitals (obviously not the same amount as before, of course). I just think it’s narrow minded to think the only place a person should give birth is in a hospital.

  35. Well, in Morgan’s case she absolutely should be giving birth in a hospital and thankfully it seems now she will be

  36. This is what's so frustrating about the crunchy-mom movement that fundies tend to slip into. Yes, there is corporatism in healthcare that shouldn't be there. Yes, patients often have to advocate for their own care. Yes, there are systems in place that drive up the cost of prescriptions and procedures.

  37. Yes!!! This is what SENDS me!! The total lack of comprehension that what drives this particular ill- along w SO many others- is CAPITALISM! So far as I’ve ever been able to tell, Jesus leaned fairly anti-capitalist Himself so I just do NOT understand the right-wing neoliberal brand of Christianity at all

  38. Sometimes it feels like the doctor is treating the fetus but not the woman giving birth. And then once the fetus is out, no one really cares about the woman anymore. There is exactly one check up after giving birth at 6 weeks. Mine was over video and I know several people who couldn't go to theirs because they couldn't get child care and they couldn't take the baby in. My first baby was in the NICU for five days and the nurses made me feel like an inconvenience. I couldn't bond with my baby and that feeling like a stranger didn't go away when she came home. It feels like all the medical interventions when giving birth are solely focused on the fetus and not what the mother wants. I had to move a certain way because of the monitoring equipment. I couldn't eat because of the risk of C-section.

  39. I think doctors have to be very careful, because there are at least two patients involved in a birth + the baby is, statistically, far more fragile. I think people can lose sight of that.

  40. This right here. I might get downvoted for saying this but I think it's kinda messed up to speculate about something as delicate as this situation.

  41. Hayley Kindled genuinely terrifies me. Her eyes are so completely devoid of any warmth or even vitality; it’s quite uncanny. She’s so immensely hateful

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