1. Looks kinda corny - I just can’t take that bootleg Guts design seriously.

  2. At first I thought this dude was playing SMT and he just found the thing from the game in a museum

  3. Yea honestly I expected he lives in a clown vomit apartment like that

  4. Wait so the people responsible for the bots started calling their bots Vinesauce because he streamed the game? Really scummy

  5. They'll call bots whatever. Ive seen them named after big name streamers (both those who do and dont play), memes, website links, and even derogatory/racist shit

  6. I saw someone mention that V and morgan are the only two people with 71 stat points in the series. David was just scrappy, V and morgan truly are built different.

  7. Tbh David was built different too (his words, not mine)

  8. As a Pole I am very surprised we’re included, like we’re the type of country that would usually be excluded in this kind of thing

  9. I will never understand why people hate kiwami 1 so much

  10. You can tell this dude sat through the whole OMEGA GAMING stream

  11. Still unsure about the gameplay side of things but I really hate the way they look in the UI - too big, too colorful and just way too distracting.

  12. Ok legit I don't get this at all besides bridget because duh. How are the rest lgbtq?

  13. Didn’t they say that Gaiden also takes place before 8?

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