1. Looks like a filled die. Not a whole lot of care was taken whilst making early cents.

  2. Their little fuzzy spines can embed in your skin and cause irritation, hives, swelling, rashes etc depending on the person.

  3. Tru Ade bottles will always be one of my favorites. Was the first bottle my 3 year old found on her own during a quick creekside hunt.

  4. Love this place. A couple of times a year my wife and I travel around the state. This is one of our favorite places.

  5. I am thinking about camping there in August. I live in the metro DC area and you know the mid Atlantic area is a swamp in the summer. Does that near 4000' elevation I read about keep that area cool/-er?

  6. Yes and no. When it's hot it's hot. Plenty of swimming holes to cool off along the river.

  7. Thank you. Where I live there are not a lot of opportunities for digging (that I know of), but there are often very nice bottles that show up in thrift shops.

  8. I like looking around thrift stores when I'm on vacation. Cheap bottles make nice souvenirs.

  9. So cool! If anyone ever finds any blue bottles like this with Chesbro written on it, that’s my family! Most likely would be found in New England, Connecticut specifically. My grandfather and Uncle were also known for Chesbro’s Liquid Corn Plaster. I’m always interested in acquiring family related items.

  10. Agreed. This was not a get rich quick opportunity for me. I'll be sitting quietly for years. They are building as a company. I'm patient with this one.

  11. The way I look at it, it's a seed that just broke ground. Needs food, water, sunlight to grow. If you're long and really believe in the opportunity this company offers, gonna be a damn big ass tree in a few years. If you were here for a quick, your balls are itching.

  12. My family & I are big mudlarkers! We love finding treasure, and we found our oldest bottle yesterday. (Mostly we find a lot of 1900s-1930s ish beer bottles) I assumed this was a medicine bottle because it had ounce measurements on it, but it’s actually a collodion bottle used for early photography. The one I have is the 70s one.

  13. Nice find. For cleaning it up, soak it in water with some dish soap. Find a bottle brush that will fit and get to scrubbing.

  14. If you weren't a collector before man you have to be now. That's a hell of a spot you've found.

  15. Lol yeah I literally had no bottles until this week finding this spot. I keep getting trade offers but I can’t accept bc I don’t even know exactly what I have yet! It’s super fun learning though

  16. You are experiencing the two best parts of the hobby. The find and then finding out what you found.

  17. Bars: Thirsty Whale or Dog and Pony in Bar Harbor. Geddy’s for kid friendly pub fare.

  18. Sounds like an old dump. Pretty common in areas that are newly developed with residential properties. Could have been an old farm dump. What types of bottles are they? Is there alot of variety or alot of the same.

  19. Most are old soda bottles, whisky, blob top, medicine bottles anywhere from 1850-1930

  20. My guess would be it was an old farm dump or a dump for an older house that's no longer there. I found a similar dump (mostly dating early to mid 1950's) on a hillside right behind a development that was there for maybe 25 years. It used to be a farm and I guess over the hill was their dump spot. There was a surprising amount of bottles on the surface which was pretty cool. Just sitting there waiting for someone to scoop them up. Sounds like you found a nice spot with some nice potential.

  21. Sand Beach in August will be busy. Parking in that section will be miserable. Can get there early if you just want to take in the view. Any section on park loop will be busy. Plenty of areas to explore off the loop. The typical "Acadia must see and do" areas will be swamped. Town will be swamped. I'd suggest a middle of the week day if you have flexibility.

  22. Let him outside for his before bed potty. Fenced in yard. Watched him do his puffed chest what's in my yard and he took off. A few seconds later it was obvious what he saw. He's good. More confused than anything else. Washed him down good but he's still all skunked up

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