I am the NYC self defense instructor interviewed by NYMag. They told me they wanted to spotlight people fighting back against anti-Asian racism. They villified us instead.

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  1. Because Israel doesn’t actually care about Iran or Iranians. It literally assassinates Iranian scientists, bombs Iranian infrastructure, develops computer viruses to take down Iranian banking and IT systems which cause blackouts and an inability for everyday Iranians to withdraw funds, and advocates for war and invasion against Iran by the U.S.

  2. It's not that deep. Israel and USA want an Iranian government that obeys them and does not compete with them.

  3. You’re wrong it’s deeper. The US and Israel despise Iran for overthrowing the US and UK backed dictator Shah. They despise Iran for not allowing any US military bases and not allowing embassies because of spying and sabotage and regime change concerns (despite those things still being done to Iranians). So no, it’s not just usual geopolitics of wanting a favorable regime or government to your interests, it’s far worse. The US and Israel hate Iran in a way that is unique in international relations and the US very much follows Israel’s lead in this matter (like when they overturned the nuclear deal for no reason).

  4. Step one: US involvement in the Nordstream sabotage is a baseless conspiracy theory

  5. Sounds like it’s taken from Israel’s playbook of blaming Hamas every time they assassinate ot bomb Palestinian civilians. Oh yeah failing rockets. Oh yeah Hamas gunfire. Meanwhile it’s Israeli bombs and bullets and they admit it weeks later.

  6. Can you negotiate even as a current fed? GS-14 is equivalent to CG-13. Our numbers aren’t directly correlated. They also don’t put people at the top of the band just cuz they came from private sector - trust me I know I came from private sector lmao. And no they don’t consider experience they really only consider what your current salary is for negotiation purposes.

  7. What the heck why? I’m a total socialist but I still want to know what she said she’s literally the PM of a country

  8. Yes you can watch it the day of too. It’s a good show for everyone

  9. Wow this absolutely sucks I’m so sorry. I am not surprised at all they twisted and straight up lied about your words. The media is not your friend sadly

  10. I don’t like murderers regardless idc if they’re cop killers tho

  11. I’m exactly in your shoes. Ménière’s took my right ear hearing and left tons of tinnitus. Hope to be implanted this year

  12. Because cops are trash and this isn’t new. I’ll preemptively welcome you to

  13. Maybe because those are incredibly invasive and complicated surgeries and people don’t need it nor should even entertain it unless they have major functional issues. Why is this question always asked 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. I have to start Goff or Wentz at QB....I feel no matter what choice I make I lose.

  15. I have Wentz or Russ...also lose/lose.

  16. I hate cops but listen cops have been kept on for doing A LOT WORSE as we know in the US

  17. Cuz people in VA really can’t drive well honestly. You have people that go less than the speed limit in the left lane regularly. It’s just wild here that it’s more common to see people going slower than speed limit than a little faster. Never been to another state that did this regularly

  18. It’s true though what are you upset about? Sabre rattling? Sure. But actual invasions and wars and occupations - nope that’s what the US does

  19. You’re not wrong about US but you have obviously not done any research concerning the last 70 years of Chinas actions.

  20. I’d welcome you to tell me. Scrolling down it seems like people are taking every instance of sabre rattling as being the same as what the US does lol. Like trying very hard to claim what China did to Hong Kong or doing now to Taiwan counts as a “war.”

  21. I think the bigger conspiracy is how DeSantis is requesting federal aid for Hurricane Ian:

  22. DeSantis is an absolute ahole for sure and deserves whatever is coming to him but ultimately it’s Floridians that suffer

  23. The Hill is a very Zionist rag. Even more so than the others

  24. i dont know shit whats going on. But question, what does the brother have to do with anything? Why are you blaming the brother? Is he an FBI, CIA or something.

  25. Oh a lot. He started the initial investigation’s direction by claiming it was Adnan. He then continued to use the media and his attorney to pressure the police to keep the focus of the investigation on Adnan even when there were other more valid lines of inquiry. And throughout all the new evidence being revealed indicating it wasn’t Adnan, he begged and pleaded with prosecutors and judges to not have the case reopened.

  26. Just really sad. I’m all for less punishment but not for god damn MURDER with a history of violence

  27. I think the Carceral System should only be for evil violent monsters. Non-violent, non-dangerous offenders should be directed through a progressive approach.

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