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  1. Did he mean American public transport is that? Cause it is compared to Europe.

  2. That's what made me stop watching The Umbrella Academy. It felt like the whole plot advanced on those things.

  3. I felt the same way. The entire time I was frustrated

  4. All Romcoms will be no longer than 30 min

  5. Because he's turned into a reaction channel who puts little original and transformative work into what he does. That's still more than those content farm guys who just sit there emotionlessly with a video playing in the corner, but not that far off honestly. Combined with his monotone demeanor and overuse of childish jokes that got old years ago, many people are starting to realize he's not their cup of tea. Hate is a strong word, though. If anyone says they outright hate Critikal, then most likely they see his usual content as very low effort, which is objectively true.

  6. That's the game tho. YouTube isn't out there to give creaters an opportunity to make new quality content. It's there to milk every device on Earth for ad revenue.

  7. The fishing rod being ruined after 30 or so fishing attempts. If a rod lasted 30 goes no one would fish, ever.

  8. Damn that number needs to multiplied by 30

  9. These incels saying the step father is right are the same people who'd call that Woman who gave up her rape child for adoption a terrible person.

  10. No one is saying staying with the woman is what should be done. I'd divorce and fight for custody or at least visitation rights. I'd stay in the child's life.

  11. Then don't. Just make one and use their text chat features. That's how you get nudes

  12. I've always wondered if horses knew that they were fighting in a war. Like, they'd see horses on both sides of the battlefield, but did they know the difference between enemy horse and allied horses? Were there any instances of horses fighting other horses?

  13. Not a fucking chance. Horses are stupid as shit. If not closely watched it'll roll around too much on the ground and twist up it's own organs and die like a fucking idiot.

  14. Based but cycling while drunk puts pedestrians and other cyclists in danger.

  15. You're in your teens aren't you.

  16. You must have just turned 20, haven't you? If we can take away their trucks & bazookas, what's stopping them from taking our bikes & free public transportation? Everyone has a different agenda, I don't think we should be pissing off crazy truck & gun owners. They're not just going to hand them over. That's some revolution shit, not worth it.

  17. You have no idea what your talking about. Check out what a slippery slope fallacy is. Keep believing the brain rot content on TikTok and Facebook. Don't actually do some thinking and read or get an education.

  18. Why would you not laugh that off and continue fucking woman moment

  19. It's about delivery. Anon probably stuttered and spilled his spaghetti

  20. Why are these articles so goddamn hard to access. Health information should be readily available and free.

  21. Maga hats aren't allowed at polling stations. At least that was true at the presidential voting polls.

  22. Like, you aren't allowed to wear them in? That's quite at odds with my experience of texas voting day in the past few years

  23. It's called electioneering. No one is allowed within a 100 feet of a polling station with political attire. It specifically says "USE" but that's vague enough for my county to enforce the no political attire rule.

  24. I love Berlin. Trains busses bikes and even those electric scooters. So much freedom of movement

  25. Anon asked for pics of someone as a child. Anon is a pedophile

  26. Also perplexed by this. I am an attorney and wear skirt suits and dresses almost exclusively.

  27. I thought it was the other way around when it came to girls wearing pants

  28. Pls downvote i need humility

  29. Gets caught immediately and killed in the swat raid shortly after revealing demands.

  30. Unfortunately not. But i know a tailer who might do it.

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