1. I love it this is the best post of the premium plus timeline

  2. Literally one of the most out of the blue deaths in league I can recall

  3. Can’t wait for Paul Kent to defend this on NRL360 despite not knowing what the fuck it is much like everything else he plays devils advocate for.

  4. Genuine question are there any real Jordan Peterson fans out there? How do you watch this man and not laugh?

  5. But but something something all I eat is beef with some salt and woman bad man good

  6. Spent all last night in the emergency ward with my missus, about a 5-6 hour round trip.

  7. Something something glory glory to THE glory glory to THE

  8. Manly preempting another injury

  9. So if we’re gonna go with that take is it safe to say the chooks probably shoulda preempted half their roster last year?

  10. Relax big fella, he will be there next year lining up in the manly jersey with pride

  11. Bo3 was objectively one of the best games in the franchise OP and infinite warefare is quite fun but not as good.

  12. insty1 files: Is Crawley rugby league's most hated journalist?

  13. Please keep Schuster out of the 18 and let Fulton have a crack.

  14. It runs bad on old gen, genuinely unplayable.

  15. Just reduce recoil again for those that can’t control it

  16. Haha I wish MG went further and brought up the fact that MG still works for the station Kent was basically dumped from (he quit).

  17. Kenty trying not to have his raging friend boner for sticky pop and out of his pants and flop onto the table

  18. How is 1 week for Ashley Klein being shit at his job a fair punishment for being shit at your job?

  19. Jesse why the fuck can’t we score points ?

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