1. 5 minutes is not an ‘insane’ amount of time to tank unless you’re bad...

  2. 5 minutes is a long time when you have 1br a day to play tbf.

  3. It’s not normal, very few places have restrictions like this. Most are regular schools

  4. Well he is performing better than all of them except maybe May

  5. May and Barrass. I love Coxy, but Barrass has been better imo. I wouldn't be sad to see Brennan get the nod over him though.

  6. Finch has acheived so much for someone having only so little talent, skill and technique. He also often goes unrecognised or uncredited for those acheivements. Thus ends up giving a feeling of someone who is simultaneously overrated and underrated. I dont know how that is possible.

  7. So little talent, technique and skill? What the hell is that man, that's probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen on this sub. He's an all time great T20 player.

  8. When fans start talking shit about ur clothes, once u reach that point ur goated

  9. Conversely, when you start dressing like garbage you are probably so good that you no longer care.

  10. Yeah righto champ. One of the best small forwards of the last 20 years

  11. Also a dodgy ass dude, I'm not having him in my 'dream team'.

  12. We’re judging based on football skills, no other factor. There’s about 4 or 5 at least on this list that are “dodgy” outside of the game but you’d kill to have in your squad

  13. Caleb Serong is freaky good, reckon he doesn't get the same attention as he is out West. He's been doing it for a few years too.

  14. I killed vorkath like 600 times with range before getting the one kill for upgraded void lmao. I needed to do mage only with sang staff...i need to actually learn it.

  15. What? I did Zulrah with 2 deaths Trident only. I'm someone who cannot pvm, something doesn't add up here.

  16. Lol, yeah, you understand zulrah at a fundamental level more than I do. Idk how that doesnt add up, lmao, zulrah is significantly harder than vorkath, with a shitload more to remember.

  17. I've never done Vork, went straight to zul with a trident and just watched a few vidyas. My recommendation would just be learn the first easy rotation.

  18. Andrew Brayshaw, Luke Ryan and either of Freos wingers. Stop underrating wingers.

  19. HOW DOES ANYTHING HAPPEN CHARLIE??? JUST MOVE PAST IT...... (i'm yelling the loudest in caps so i can be heard more better)

  20. Yes, I don’t understand why people share locations in public cc’s and discords. No point because it’s a lose-lose for everyone

  21. I guess people run past and shout them for their clan if they don't intend to mine

  22. That’s different than sharing them in public cc’s and discords where they are strangers rather than clan mates. That’s what OP is talking about with active cc’s ruining the design of shooting stars

  23. Bet, I’ll for sure tune in, what’s your name and what ep will you be on this season

  24. Op had the coldest of takes and was looking for an ally. Received literally none.

  25. Be careful Bryce knows how the world works better than the rest. He is privy to special information that only the few and special listeners of info wars have access to.

  26. So many people arguing that this guy is a genius because he received an Economics degree from some backwards ass tertiary school.

  27. Same to you, dodgiest looking Harry Potter swap around :D

  28. Cops pulled me over and checked my entire vehicle for contraband. I told them, it’s Harry Potter cards but they just wouldn’t believe me 😂 (jk)

  29. Living in the sticks in Europe is different. There is still a town every few km, they might be small towns but they are all over the place. Like, there isn't any analog to what it's like in the western US where you can literally be an hour's drive from a town of any sort.

  30. Try Aus, some towns can be multiple hours drive from the nearest 'town'.

  31. You can definitely vape/buy themin Perth, not sure about bringing them in though sorry.

  32. It’s a political cartoon based on her acting like she was handuffed at a recent abortion protest and last year her and her bf were photographed having a nice meal at a restaurant without masks on (which was seen as very hypocritical of her) and her Twitter response was something about republicans just being mad they can’t date her.

  33. She was arrested and told to put her hands behind her back. As a women of colour in the US I'm surprised she didn't get shoy.

  34. To be fair, it's probably less strange than calling a liquid "gas"

  35. Petrol is short for Petroleum. Gas is straight wrong.

  36. Buckle up, it's below av rng but not the worst in the world. Also just take 2 skellies and a blood worm every time in the crypt.

  37. I have 74 Barrows chests done and have gotten more barrows items. K top twice, warspear, V skirt. Does kandarin hard diary influence Barrows other than increased runes?

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