1. I do agree that if she played smart, she could win. Though I do think it is relevant to mention that Cami did say once that if Frisk and Betty fought at full power, they’d probably tie so she caps around that area.

  2. He knew about the true nature of the Soul King, so knowing about Ichibei isn’t that far fetched

  3. Everyone's talking about Aizen being potentially creepy, but are missing the fact that Rangiku emphasized "A Captain's last words to their lieutenant".

  4. Even worse given Isshin’s note didn’t specify that he wouldn’t be coming back.

  5. Trunks is pretty unavailable as he’s in another timeline.

  6. Idk, seems like a dumb option considering he went from 0 to 8 meaning her got significantly weaker

  7. For Szayelaporro, it made sense. His brother, Yylfordt Granz, had a battle hungry personality and Szayel got it when he ate him. It got in the way of his experiments, so he spilt his brother and most of his power off from himself.

  8. He has Piccolo’s biology and King Piccolo could generate and throw up eggs larger than his chest. I suppose it’s that process, just backwards.

  9. There are several ways people think Arceus might be pronounced

  10. This person seems to confuse being an reserved person and having no personality. Ichigo is different because he doesn’t always express his emotions at the surface level.

  11. Arroniero isn’t even on the first one, gg I guess

  12. To be fair, he didn’t expect the universe to be at stake and even suggested to call it off but Whis said Zeno would erase him if he tried.

  13. It was Lanturn the Water/Electric fish, not Chandelure the Fire/Ghost type. You were probably confusing Lanturn with Lampent, which is Chandelure’s pre-evolution.

  14. According to calcs, yes. By logic, probably not. You could argue the energy needed to glow doesn’t scale to his attack potency.

  15. Despair is already Nnoitora’s, same with Harribel and Sacrifice. I probably wouldn’t choose those to add something new.

  16. I suppose he means against as in wanting him to lose rather than thinking he will lose. Hence the rooting, rather than betting.

  17. Rukia might not be a pure Shinigami, so that might be inaccurate

  18. It because of a minor thing with chapter covers that was asked at Klub Outside last year, question 64.

  19. Gardevoir is the only Fairy type on her team. She doesn’t seem to have theme like like Lance, Steven and Iris do.

  20. Can someone explain how Byakuya knows what getsuga tension is because when Zangetsu takes over Ichigo Byakuya is surprised at him and says "A black Getsuga?" To himself.

  21. Ichigo told him earlier that the attack his Zanpukto could use was Getsuga Tenshou, Byakuya just saw a black variant and named it accordingly.

  22. Unfortunately some people are “correct first, look for older correction later”

  23. Only one of those characters is using a card they actually played.

  24. Given how they’re all tuners, I can only assume it’s Yusei with Effect Veiler

  25. Rukia in just Shikai wouldn’t be too useful in the fight, and Byakuya would know to avoid her Bankai. While Renji has his true Bankai now, Byakuya still has more experience with his own and is still the stronger of the two. I’d say Byakuya.

  26. This ultimately comes down to if you think Ichibei could negate Aizen or the Hogyoku’s powers.

  27. Pretty much my response to this exact same question whenever it is asked.

  28. I wonder if any Klub Outside member has asked this yet. We know Kubo chooses the questions he answers, so he’s either avoiding it or hasn’t been asked it yet.

  29. Weird hill to die on, but at least they’re dead.

  30. weird to wish death on someone for having an opinion lol

  31. It’s a joke playing off the statement “I’ll die on this hill”

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