1. It’s hard but you can get Mach kick into b3 f 3,4. Good damage and taunt setup.

  2. I want call of duty hot mics. After you beat someone.

  3. Yeah that last hit tracks like a motherfucker. Gotta interrupt it.

  4. Hold up so i have to sidestep the kick and then interrupt the last hit? That’s just stupid. Not your advice but the fact that this is what you have to do to counter jin’s stupid rage drive. Wtf.

  5. You can filter it so you only fight people 1 or 2 ranks above you. But if you just starting out now. It’s gonna be pretty hard finding other beginners. I’m sure there’s a good discord out there

  6. Yeah the window is super tight. As soon as the rekka hits tap the dash macro and do the special right after.

  7. Command grab and S and HS normals reduce the bar. Once you pop you can use the super to end it early but a it’s risky.

  8. There’s probably a bottom or switch on your stick that changes what I does make sure it’s set to D-pad.

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