1. Anybody ever see Shakedown street, kinda an old school GD cover band?

  2. BloodworksNW is giving away $30 gift cards to anyone that donates in October, btw, at least for A+ blood.

  3. didn't see that on their website? or do I have to book the appt to see the details

  4. I don't see it on the website either. I looked it up and you only get those gift card offers if you sign up for their emails? I'm not sure if they give them out to people not signed up too or not.

  5. Totaly extinguishment of fires is an outdated and bad policy stemming from the old Peshtigo Fire. We all grew up with it and are used to it, but it does more harm than good.

  6. Basically eastern Washington is relatively sparsely populated. There should be a government program to help them afford air conditioning and air filtration at the expense of the entire state. In the case that wind blows from west to east (which is the norm) we should not intervene with normal fires except to provide containment where they threaten property. However, when the smoke blows from east to west, aggressive measures should be taken to limit and extinguish the fire.

  7. This can work is if the state collects taxes from everyone, and then gives rebates/incentives/cash to people in wildfire affected areas to buy and install air conditioning and air filtration systems.

  8. I don’t think they ever talk about the lend lease in Russian history, a portion of what was sent to the USSR ended up getting sunk en route correct?

  9. There is a recent(last 15 years) documentary made by some Russian media outlet about The Great Patriotic War, as it is called there. It's available on youtube and actually is pretty well produced. They do a lot of reenactments which is cool.

  10. I'm just sitting here happy that we are the Kraken, and not the Salmon or some of the other ideas that were floating around for a team name.

  11. Prey animals are not a good identity for a sports team.

  12. I'm surprised that Kraken fans have no faith in Hakstol, but seem to have a decent amount of faith in the people that hired him and continue to employ him. Seems like a pretty big logical disconnect.

  13. When it comes to mascots, as adults you almost always have to learn to love them. Now if the kids don't like him...

  14. I didn’t know uw has a hockey team. Where do they play home games?

  15. Have they always had a hockey team or is this something new? I've never followed hockey so forgive the noob question.

  16. Where can you buy tickets? I'm on their website and can't find anything lol

  17. At the door for $10. They just have a dude sitting at a table at the entrance with wristbands.

  18. There’s a way to look this up on the BTS website but I don’t have the link off the top of my head without doing some searching.

  19. Thanks for the tip! The detailed departure statistics have tail numbers, but for some reason, I cannot find AA232/231 on June 8 2018 or the day before or after it. Maybe they don't list international flights?

  20. https://www.kuow.org/stories/bolt-creek-fire-continues-to-burn-past-contained-confusion

  21. Yes, and that was a mistake by whoever updated it, who misinterpreted it just like you did. The article clarifies that.

  22. Can you quote the part where it states that somebody entered the wrong information on that website?

  23. I'd also be really thrilled if they did a tour with Phish. I'm gathering from other replies that some people don't like the idea of other artists with Phish for a full tour so at least a portion of a tour would be cool.

  24. No encore is a huge bummer, but I'd go see this for sure. Unusual shows are great and hearing crazy versions of songs(ex. 23 min of 25-min-long YEM being vocal jam) once in a while is fun.

  25. Hey, not to be a jerk, but I did want to let you know that "fiancé" refers to a man engaged to be married and "fiancée" refers to a woman engaged to be married. They are borrowed French words and the extra "e" is used in the feminine.

  26. Capital One arena (Caps arena) was kicking people out LIFETIME BAN and confiscating flags.

  27. seeing how soft the NHL is, security will probably take your flag at the entrance.

  28. Kraken did not take my Ukraine flag nor did they tell me to stop displaying it at any point at multiple games last year.

  29. Except the last time they did THAT particular experiment something like 97% weapons and explosives got through. It was quite impressive and they had pictures. Knives, throwing stars, nunchucks, etc. Surprised they still exist after that particular expose.

  30. The larger point here is that it would violate the Fourth Amendment for them to actively be searching for anything beyond items related to ensuring the safety of passengers on planes. They can incidentally find things, but, at least recently for the TSA, if they do find marijuana, it seems to get referred to local law enforcement at the airport. It seems some local jurisdictions in legal states don't care about marijuana and some do. For instance, places like Santa Barbara and LAX were known for being stricter and others like Oakland did not care beyond cautioning you about it being illegal where you were going if it was illegal where you were going.

  31. Containment is a bit of a political number on the whole because it dictates in part how much of a priority a fire is, and therefore how resources get allocated. A fire might be basically entirely contained, but you can’t say that it’s 100% contained or you’ll start hemorrhaging resources to more active fires, and you don’t want to lose resources that you may still need for suppression repair or that will be necessary if things flare up, say from an interior island. So instead, you get to 90-ish percent, and tack on one or two percent a day and stretch things out as long as you can.

  32. Totally understand that. Just seems odd to see such a massive drop. Like they still have the same staffing as Friday, so likely isn't to get more resources. The typo really seems like the most likely candidate here, but combined with the new Level 2s, did they fat finger 65% containment or something and mean 70% now or something?

  33. The fire was originally managed by a type 2 team. A lot of the containment lines were indirect, and they didn’t want to burn off of them because the fire received some rain last week, moderating it significantly. The decision was made to instead of ripping off a bunch more acerage, just let the fire back down to containment lines, or wait for a season ending event - there was a 95% chance of a season ending event by the start of fall. 2 things have happened since. A type 3 team took over command. Also, temps and RHs are touching daily record levels here - 90 degrees and 17% RH, and more east winds.

  34. Just wow. Sounds like that Type 2 team needs some remedial training at least. That seems pretty bad.

  35. How does this go from 96% contained to 7% over a weekend? 😟

  36. Someone else is saying it's probably user error because that's the only field they have for "status".

  37. I couldn’t help but think of Phoenix Jones on this one.

  38. they need a yellow reflective belt to ensure utmost saftey.

  39. They're seeing what happens when you invade a NATO aligned country while not being in NATO: Russia.

  40. I live on the west coast and I have plans for winter travel through 2024 but I have no idea what I'm doing summer 2023 yet.

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