1. Gordie Howe only ever had two Gordie Howe hat tricks

  2. I see that this meme was created by the youporn gang

  3. Drugs have always been there for me. Can’t say hugs have been.

  4. This could be my favourite song recorded in the 70’s

  5. He said 1 is lesser than 1.6 and it’s clearly sarcasm. An unintentional troll job by looking at the replies.

  6. ... In what way does the fact it's Black History Month have to do with being on your phone in class?

  7. One has to assume this is real before asking this question

  8. Yes, if the damage is more than the vehicles worth, it will be written off. I rubbed my car up against a friends. It went through sgi for it because of my friends van. When sgi got ahold of me, they tried to get my car appraised and I refused. They asked why. I told them that the damage doesn’t effect the safety of the car but will total the car off and I need my car. They didn’t make me get it appraised.

  9. I’m like .3 seconds away from getting gold on this license and haven’t come close since. I gave up on getting it after like 100 tries total.

  10. You don't need the but, it's just dumb as hell.

  11. "On the environmental side, we have a very proud record," Eyre said. "We are very sustainable in what we do, very innovative."

  12. We are in the age of politicians being gods. This “I voted for this person, so you are wrong” mentality blows me away. I’m 41 and I don’t recall politics being like this before. Is this new or have I been so ignorant to how people view politicians my whole life until trump was voted in?

  13. They did give me plenty of space in the corner but may have regretted it at the end haha

  14. I love Gwar live. I’d never put an album on. Gwar is one of those bands that are a live act only for me.

  15. And that’s insinuated in the game. You hear a runner crying as they are eating someone. Sure, the game says it takes hold in the brain. However, it’s a work of fiction and there’s no saying that a mutation wouldn’t mutate in a way to enter the brain.

  16. Why do people even feel like they have to make such a big deal about gender reveals?

  17. We’ve celebrated mediocrity for so long that such things seem like cause for celebration

  18. Skinhead punks aren't the racist skinheads. They beat up the racist skinheads. The racists co-oped the look

  19. Actually the skinhead culture started during the 60’s and it meant one thing. Pride in being working class. Skinheads started listening to ska and reggae. Then punk came along which led to skinheads, punks and rude boys sharing a love for music.

  20. It's a weird inclusion in the list because Hughes has been pretty clear about his non-desire to trade Montembeault. Now, that could be him trying to increase the offers, but then he's probably not going to be "a bargain," right?

  21. I think you misread my comment because that’s what I’m saying.

  22. Hes not disagreeing with you. he's just adding on to your comment.

  23. late but what was she doing on seraphite island knowing abby is a wolf?

  24. I don’t know. They didn’t write that part of the story.

  25. Then let’s reduce criminal sentences. I mean, it’s old news and I don’t want to pay taxes on old news.

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