1. After all he’s done for the Habs, is that really the position you’re going to take on him?

  2. It’s just his contract. His willingness to waive his NTC if it helps the habs means he doesn’t care who holds his contract.

  3. I kinda just lurk this sub these days and was wondering when his recent play would be mentioned.

  4. Yeah i dont really understand, do people think earning millions is the key to happiness? I see so often people invalidating any negative feeling they can have because they have money. Thats just not how human works

  5. Remember when dipietro got destroyed for being suicidal for being scratched for the rest of his career? These players dreams are being crushed. First world problems are a real thing, and millionaires kill themselves all the time. Not Epstein but, you know, other millionaires.

  6. Where did I say we were? You referenced his age vs the core. I said nothing about winning a cup in the next couple years

  7. Well in four years he’s 33. I’d rather hit the jackpot on a trade than expect him to still play at this level at 33 with his history of injuries.

  8. I love how he was about to spin out of the way, saw who was coming, and immediately changed his mind and decked him. You gotta grab your opportunities.

  9. Let’s pump the breaks. Hughes currently has four goals and six assists in four games. I don’t think Caufield being half a foot taller would have him producing at twice the rate. Hughes is the real deal and I’d take him over Caufield in a redraft.

  10. I’m sorry but he smiles at the kid and the video ends. I need better proof that he didn’t actually sign the jersey.

  11. I thought the hit was clean but I'm still glad Mailloux stepped up to Norlinder's defense.

  12. A clean hit shouldn’t result in a fight. Clean hits are part of the game. It doesn’t make sense that you are playing the game the right way and have to worry about a concussion. Unpenalized dirty hits are fair game. Players sometimes do have to ref themselves in the fastest team sport in the world.

  13. Then why do they hand out penalties for them? Is slashing a part of the game then?

  14. The players least deserving of playing in the nhl

  15. Zdeno Chara can eat a bag of dicks I don't care about his off ice community service he was a scumbag his whole career. Good riddance Zdeno.

  16. John Wayne Gacy performed as a clown for charitable events and children’s hospitals.

  17. I know a cousin of Dwight. I’m sure Dwight is a way better person.

  18. Might gain another inch or two by next year hopefully

  19. Can always check out Humbl social. Free verification. It’s small but growing. I’m done with Reddit after reading this.

  20. Patrick Roy. I hated his guts, but saw him with MTL a few times. I think Hasek was better for a time, but Roy was a longterm force.

  21. The record of 151 playoff wins will likely never be broken. Roy was as good as he had to be. Score five goals? He would let in four. In 93, he told his teammates “just get us to overtime”.

  22. Canadian here. In true canadian fashion i want to apologize for the behaviour of some of my peers. I assure you that we do not claim them as our own here either.

  23. Here’s hoping the states takes these individuals like they did with Beiber and Nickelback

  24. Trump has the highest approval rating here as well

  25. From another twat that hasn’t seen the playoffs in years and no light in sight. Flyers and Canucks have a lot in common

  26. Is this surprising? All moe does is suck Alberta’s dick.

  27. Booze me up and get me high but gener repeats the Vancouver incident

  28. https://www.straight.com/article-369810/vancouver/ween-completely-blows-it-bizarre-vancouver-show

  29. I’m still convinced gener wants to lick my cat

  30. Something tells me this isn’t about the $120,000 it would cost to install them. If it is, maybe people should realize how municipalities piss their money away to begin with.

  31. "Council voted to cancel the stations several weeks ago, which would have cost the municipality $40,000"

  32. I was reading that with my morning coffee. If this is really about $40,000, that’s disgusting. The town I live in pays that much to have a bilaw officer drive two hours from Regina to give people tickets for having garbage in a shed (happened to me) and blowing their grass onto the street while cutting it (actual bilaw).

  33. I'm sure the golden shower will trickle down on us any moment now.

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