[Setlist Thread] 2022-12-28 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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  1. Lol there really is a Billy Strings show that weekend. Gotta get the crew ready and go there right after

  2. I’m doing all 3 Billy shows AND this show 🤙🤙

  3. Nice. It’s a good idea. I think I’ll do the same. What do you cover the holes with? Looks like round circles. I’m used to micropore tape in layers.

  4. Curious if you got this resolved. I was just looking at tickets for a football game and noticed in the seller notes it says xfer XFR seats, and not sure what that means

  5. Tickets for Weds worked, tried again Thurs no dice. But Weds worked like a charm!

  6. Interesting. Did you happen to figure out what the XFR in the notes means? Appreciate the response!

  7. It means digital “transfer”. If it’s in your wallet. You’re good!

  8. Hey I actually had a similar thing through TickPick: bought tix for 12/28, sent as wallet transfer. Ticket said 4 day, but with 12/28 at top, No problem scanning in, but tested it again the next night and it did not work. Thought for a moment I had hit the phish jackpot lol.

  9. Waiting to deplane at JFK after delay, delay, delay. Could anyone at the venue tell them to wait a little

  10. Haha yes. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

  11. Oh yeah, same. I just rip things when I'm not sure if they'll ever be released

  12. That’s awesome. You’re doing gods work.

  13. Official release will be coming out very soon!

  14. Hey! I run in this park every week. It desperately needed a clean up. I’ve wanted to set up de-trashing for a while now. Wish I knew about this one! Would love to help next time.

  15. New Jersey litter picker on FB. However, pm me your contact info and I can let you know when we are going out on our own like this clean up.

  16. Not a brewery but Torst. Premier beer bar in NY. Insane selection from all over the world.

  17. Aye oh. See ya there. Is there anything to do in Reading?

  18. I’m sure we can all agree the vibes were spot on. That Khan & Neek set??? Stupid. Really felt like the line up was well curated. Some logistics things I think need to be tidied up but I’m really hoping for another one next year.

  19. Yo yes, set was massive. Agree on the logistics side. 1-2 guys searching cars, the shitty Wi-Fi at check in was making it take forever (next year I think shipping the wristbands might be better).

  20. It was one of the best festivals I have attended. Everything managed well, the music and visual production was top notch. Didn't meet a single bad soul.

  21. Damn. Missed this. Been following these dudes for years.

  22. “I should piss, nah wait. No actually now’s a good time. Oh man they’re playing Tela. Hold off”

  23. Yeah man. AC 3rd night this year thinking I love this shit way too much haha. Eyes welled up a bit, looking around everyone smiling and dancing. Incredible.

  24. Don’t know why you are getting downvoted, he’s a dick. And he will never live down that Florida incident.

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