1. Damn. Missed this. Been following these dudes for years.

  2. “I should piss, nah wait. No actually now’s a good time. Oh man they’re playing Tela. Hold off”

  3. Yeah man. AC 3rd night this year thinking I love this shit way too much haha. Eyes welled up a bit, looking around everyone smiling and dancing. Incredible.

  4. Don’t know why you are getting downvoted, he’s a dick. And he will never live down that Florida incident.

  5. That shakedown is honestly pretty low key. Not sure if others have popped up.

  6. Gonna need some more detail here. 12 Tribes?

  7. Yeah, there was a pretty decent push to flip over the Peacemaker II. To many good works lost

  8. I have. I wish they’d let it rock longer.

  9. This article is dated now it's discovered it can toggle your camera, mic and location at will, even if you don't allow it access.

  10. I am curious as to when that info came out. Was it part of the FCC article released yesterday?

  11. Any free service isn't truly free. They make their money somewhere, usually in the form of ads and selling demographic data.

  12. Appreciate the well thought out reply. I had a feeling the site was fishy, my friend kind of used it as a mic-drop moment which didn't seem accurate or validated.

  13. Wolfmans > Time Loves a Hero from Star Lake 98

  14. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I've lost a lot of plants to that crap.

  15. Glad I can identify it now. Do you have any tips to keep it away? The link you sent mentions the fruits are still safe to eat.

  16. Is it rainy where you live? Peppers don't like a lot of moisture. Makes that bacteria grow.

  17. It's on and off. I think I was watering too much, I will also trim the bottom leaves. Similar method with my tomatoes.

  18. Still haven't seen him! I know, it's a mistake on my part!

  19. I was there. This was my first festival ever. Had a few tabs for JRAD set which was also the first time I had seen the grateful deads music performed live. So that was a borderline religious experience. Really a toss up for me between The Word and JRAD, but if wasn't tripping for JRAD it would be The Word by a mile. I missed Goose and The Revivalists.

  20. Nice! Welcome to the festival life, glad you enjoyed.

  21. New venue so who knows how the organization will react or even where to set it up.

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