My mosquito bite turned into the shape of a key.

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  1. It isn't that hard to achieve if you play offline and don't cap your levelling. I'm level 190 odd and have two legacy dungeons left, so expecting to be around the 200 mark leading into NG+ and level 300 leading into NG++.

  2. I mean just naturally playing the game I’ve never been above 110 before ng+

  3. Nobody cares what other people do in PvE, if they do care then they’re lame as fuck

  4. Do You mean after radagon?! Yes he’s also extremely very absurdly insanely lame, atleast radagon kills me (by outplaying me)

  5. Ima be real the education info is alright, but the detail you go into makes it seem like a “please think I am smart” then you come through with a devastating spelling error with “unmanned” which just topples you

  6. Yeah I'm bad at spelling. I have what I'm majoring in cuz I'm in a college so I get asked about what I do a lot. I'm also really passionate about what I'm learning

  7. It’s definitely a god talking point and even better that you’re passionate about that too

  8. Would I have to help pay for the wedding? (we joke, but if it's real, it's really nice of her).

  9. The original has a corkscrew on the way down. Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point Ohio. Highly recommend.

  10. There’s an old movie where a ghost girl makes an alive boy put his finger in the bullet hole in her head. Is that sixth sense?

  11. Oh yup now I remember! I know what I’ll be doing in lieu of 4th celebrations this year

  12. Doctor here. That is an infection spreading via your lymph vessels. It's called lymphangitis. You need to see a doctor for antibiotics.

  13. I’m not a doctor nor do I have any relevant experience but I think OP is fine. Maybe some lemon oil on the affected area could help sooth the redness and help align his retrograde mercury-itism, but that’s all perchance.

  14. Anon went to a cheap, disgusting food restaurant that inflates their prices to appear fancy and subsequently increases portion sizes to convince the customer they aren’t being ripped off.

  15. I hate how much each part of this sounds like me and how I never viewed it as sadly as I did when I read it in this post

  16. I see you’ve taken the convince-yourself-that-caring-about-your-birthday-is-entitled-and-wrong pill

  17. I can’t tell if people are joking about being upset that companies don’t always use rainbows or if people genuinely are upset that a corporation doesn’t simply adopt the rainbow as their company colors

  18. It’s neither. It’s that companies should just stop virtue signaling.

  19. Then the consumers need to stop making the virtue signaling profitable. Your enemy (in this specific case) is not the corporation, but Steve who absolutely loves the virtue signaling

  20. I have tons of scars. The most visually obvious scar is a 15 cm surgical scar on my inner knee which matches the hockey stick shaped surgical scar on my inner wrist/thumb. My arm is still in a cast from the surgery so only the knee one is visible til Tuesday.

  21. Do both. Switching mid fight is a good skill to have, but you better be good with both

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