1. Regardless of whether or not it's legal, if you aren't already acclimated to a meatless diet, you will be miserable in the first while of the job. It sounds like pretty physically demanding labor. I've worked in jobs where we camp on location for about a week at a time and have to prepare our own food. As the crew dwindled toward the end of the season, I agreed to eat a vegan diet for a few meals since the rest of the crew was vegan. It was migraine and fatigue city the following day whenever I subbed a meat dinner for a vegan one. Not optimal when you're working 10 hour days in august. I would reconsider if you're not willing to convert some of your meals beforehand and figure out what supplements you might need.

  2. This really sounds like a calories and blood sugar issue more than a vegan issue.

  3. The thing with vegan food is it takes a greater volume of food to get the same amount of calories. And your stomach can only hold so much food

  4. I just took a shovel to it and churned it,every thing at the bottom basically turned to mush but I guess I should throw a little bit of water on there to make sure it stays moist,also yea,I kinda just started throwing stuff haphazardly into this old bin with some dirt lol

  5. I'd do more research on compost personally. There's a bit more that goes into it than "throw food in bucket. Get soil."

  6. Will do,I’m kinda getting the feeling that there should be more dirt in here.

  7. A lot more agitation as well, and a careful eye on what you put in. I've found that my compost degrades more nicely if I mix it up regularly. it gets less....slimy

  8. Of course it was ff7. I've gotta pick it back up again. Definitely up there in "best games I've ever played"

  9. The game starts with a group of Eco Terrorists doing a bombing to prevent climate change. It was rad as hell.

  10. Definitely a formative moment for little me. Lol

  11. I find it helps to limit your social media use as a whole. Save it for breaks and when you're on the can. Doomscrolling gets you nowhere.

  12. I've got a pretty big closet so I've got a

  13. I don’t have extra available closets for my gear, so I bought two wire shelves last month. Game changer for me being able to see and organize my gear. I read a comment on Reddit somewhere where the person had their pad rolled up for several years and it hadn’t been an issue. That helped me make my choice. I have a cat and an Exped Duo.

  14. I got mine since I'd been using my rotomolded cooler to store my gear. which did not work from day 1. My family did something similar with our gear and some racks but just kept them in the garage. Those wire racks are awesome for organizing gear. I'd like to get another for my packs and cooking gear once I've got more space

  15. Couldn't take 2 seconds to remove the watermark man? I also don't know how true this is. Let me do some research

  16. It’s fucking Wounded Knee and you need to research it? Jeez. 🤦‍♂️

  17. I grew up in south Dakota lol I am familiar with the local history. Asshole. I was pretty sure it was due to a much more plausible cause though, typically assumed to be a revenge for little big horn or a panic over a ceremony they were doing. Or just plain ethnic cleansing. And I am correct in this it looks like

  18. Not seeing anything from a reputable source I'm afraid. Interesting take though I guess

  19. I have no camp kitchen anything. I want to be able to camp for a few days and make breakfast lunch and dinner everyday. I don’t want to bring my nice large cookware from home.

  20. Backpacking cookware is a good place to start. You don't have to go ultralight since you're car camping. MSR is the brand I've been using since I was a kid. Kits usually denote how many people they feed if I remember right.

  21. If you're going out to buy the stove then you should cut back on costs and just stick with normal cookery I think, unless you plan on camping a lot. It's nice to have those camping cookware sets in your bag ready to go but it's not necessary. Thrift stores have pretty good cookware for cheap. I think that's where I got my main camping frying pan.

  22. No. I couldn’t care less about a reference and will most likely not mention it if I ever apply for other positions considering I only worked there for 3 days.

  23. They definitely will not remember you if it's only been 3 days. Sleep soundly about that

  24. food/retail employees are, in fact, NOT joking when they complain about how terrible those jobs can be. I usually recommend everyone try them at least once just so they've got empathy but I can't really recommend it for anything else.

  25. Do you specifically want the look of a nylon tent? If not, I think it would be more fun to build a permanent pillow fort

  26. Pretty textbook check scam. Here's a video on it:

  27. Probably the worst job I ever had. Quit after 3 months

  28. If you haven't sought out a job for over a month you are no longer counted in the unemployment rate FYI. Actual unemployed population is likely much higher

  29. This is probably the most annoying type of guy. I feel like he's got a Confederate flag somewhere and still claims to be a patriot.

  30. We've collectively been living this way for most of human history. You are much more resilient than you give yourself credit for.

  31. They just came in stock on Drop like a week ago after being OOS for months so you're just in time. I had to buy mine used but I snagged a great deal.

  32. Damn, my bank acct is cooked after rent. Hopefully when income opens up it's in stock!!

  33. The 99 Noir are also wood but for only $199

  34. Oh no way ... I'll give it a peek. I feel like I've heard of that one too

  35. How Ive always eaten my Special Mushrooms is processed into a fine powder, mixed into peanut butter and spread on toast. I'm sure this would work just as well with normal mushrooms.

  36. My workers comp cases have only ever lasted a few weeks, albeit the injuries were relatively easy to treat (RSI, a chemical burn). You probably won't be returning to work anyway until you're cleared by a doctor, so I'd tough it out.

  37. In my experience it would be better to put your pc on the floor so that you have a lot more space on your desk

  38. Seconded. Especially since it seems OP doesn't have carpet...I miss my wood floors, I could just have my PC on the ground and not worry about airflow. I've gotta use boxes to prop it up now lol

  39. I bet when people say something AT ALL about “immigrants” they are almost never referring to say, a Swede. Maybe Because proportionally You don’t get that many Swedish immigrants?

  40. Come on man, you know damn well I was picking an "acceptable" immigrant as an example. Of which there are plenty. Don't cherrypick.

  41. When people say something hateful about "immigrants" they are almost never referring to, say, a swede. Ask yourself why that may be.

  42. This is shit I'd see on a discord server entry form. Wtf

  43. Just what I was hoping to hear! It's gorgeous out here, have fun!!! Be mindful of the late snowfalls we're getting, some extra layers wouldn't hurt.

  44. Youll have a great time! Don't forget to rig up your stuff in a bear bag overnight away from your tent. Where are you going?

  45. I dunno man a screenshot from another sub (not even cropped!) with a 3 word title is some of the lowest effort you can do.

  46. Oh for fuck's sake, are you against the entire concept of crossposting? Not everyone is subscribed to the exact subs you're subscribed to, so if a post from whatever other sub you happen to also be subscribed to ends up on this sub, it will still be new to a ton of people.

  47. There's a crossposting function last I checked. It's a faux pas to repost an image, watermark still on it, with a lazy caption. It comes off as lazy and like/karmafarming. Don't be pissed when people react negatively to social rules being broken lol

  48. Take your time off. I don't know your local job market, but I'm sure there is other work out there if they decide to let you go

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