1. 1 hour render time in after effects on a good day with that amount

  2. I plan on filling a lot of land of just wind turbines

  3. Maybe, for the size that I’m planning on making it I just think medium ones are better for now

  4. is this post still active, heard blingee was going to close when flash was taken down but its still up, i tried loging in to my old account but i dont even remember my old gmail. Can someone make me one? dm me pls

  5. Damnnn bro sheesh, also can we talk about the blood stain on the floor on picture 1

  6. the metal pieces i put together from an old headset

  7. I got it everyone sorry idk why but under the same email I had 2 different square IDs, I’m very sorry for waisting time thank you if you reaponded

  8. No im sure I didn’t I stayed on my data center also I’m a free trial

  9. Honestly they should keep it how it is. But some of the things done with 4th slot like this one look sick

  10. -> Go back to monke and play Team Fortress Monk -> Throw shit -> Miss shit -> Use bamboo -> Miss bamboo -> Die to a crit shit -> Uninstall TFM

  11. ->install tf->tf bad-> uninstall tf-> think about tf-> regret

  12. Which motherboard do you have? PS I'd flip the bottom fans the other way round.

  13. It’s the mpg x570 from msi and yeah thank you for telling me that

  14. Your motherboard should have a 4 pin RGB and two 3 pin ARGB headers according to the manual. Pages 25 and 26.

  15. Yea I’m aware what I mean was on there’s a 3 pin connector on the bottom of my amd fan that needs to be connceted

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