1. I'd be more than happy and willing to do the business.

  2. So we can't get blackmailed with having faces in them.

  3. I've never lied about the number, but I've twisted the truth about how many were physical and virtual

  4. I had a hoe phase. Currently sitting at about 50 physical & virtual partners combined.

  5. Fuck off, if I won 20 mil, it's my 20 million to do with as I please. If my GF wants 10 million, we better have gone half and half on that lottery ticket.

  6. Exactly, your 20 million. What I do with my money is my choice.

  7. Either you're a madman or you've transcended humanity and my instincts-driven, kinda smart, ape-like mind just can't comprehend your reasoning

  8. Lol maybe, and this will be a stretch, I'm used to not having money, so giving it away will prevent me from buying stupid crap while giving me the opportunity to change some lives

  9. Oh no, we can't, love answering the same question over and over again, never gets old!

  10. I dont believe in that. Hes always on social media and he has stopped posting on twitter and facebook and alI other social media. Like im literally worried about him. I just want to know if he is alright.

  11. No i still able to comment on his post

  12. Then I'm not 100% OP. Whatever happens though I hope you find out <3

  13. After "Hi", you asked how they are, how their day has been etc.

  14. Someone asked this before and I didn't believe this was a thing.

  15. I'd like to be shown how she likes it and then I would like to do it for her

  16. Yeah sometimes, I go pee but am still horny so no loss

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