1. Mine does, but it's almost unnoticeable (only on low brightness)

  2. Ceux qui se ventent d'avoir un téléphone à la pomme à 1400 balles 🤡

  3. The question be like: how do you know you're breathing?

  4. IT WORKED!!! Thank you man, phone is like brand new, not even Samsung themselves were able to help me without bringing it in to a store

  5. That's great news ! I'm glad I could help you :)

  6. That's why I don't update my phones. There's always issues

  7. We don't have the headroom in thermals to go any higher. Even at the stock settings of 75 watts the GPU hits 80c

  8. I replaced the thermal paste with liquid metal. A 90W - 100W vbios should be ok.

  9. System updates often makes the thing worse. (In my personal case)

  10. Videos that have the whole team as main characters:

  11. Now you understand why there are more and more cheaters...

  12. minecraft java is single threaded + it doesn't have hardware accelerated raytracing 🤡

  13. drink some red wine, that stuff smells like the color purple so i wanna taste it

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