1. Most men also refuse to date women who live at home. Nothing special about this requirement.

  2. I understand having standards but this still makes me sad. In the States right now, you almost can’t afford to live on your own. I have had to live with my parents on a few occasions because of finances. Not everyone who lives with their parents are completely dependent on them.

  3. Yeah, have whatever preference you want ig but I can’t afford to even rent anywhere. Even crappy messy renting a bedroom in someone’s house is over 1k a month. No way. Anything nice around here is 2k. Anyone can have any ridiculous standard they want, that’s absolutely your right. If you don’t want people to say shit about it, just don’t tell them. Just say we weren’t compatible etc. I do find it a bit classist and definitely wrongfully stereotyping to assume negative stereotypes but hey, whatever. To each their own.

  4. Why can't a woman have a burger with a friend without him trying to slide his dick between the buns? Is that too much to ask?

  5. Or he knows other people assume you two are dating despise actually not and it looks weird for the woman to fully pay while he was in the bathroom. He thinks people are probably judging him for conveniently going to the bathroom as the bill came so you would have to pay.

  6. So he wanted to pay the bill so he could lord it over OP and try to extort her for sex? Holy shit.

  7. Nope that’s just what someone on Reddit assumed. I’ve had guys pay for me and they never “extorted” me for sex or held it over my head at all.

  8. Yeah, so we’re over subjecting ourselves to this kind of shit in modqueue.

  9. You only support Reddit by buying awards and giving them money. People who see your posts are already signed up for Reddit anyway. The sub could spread awareness to other women on Reddit who otherwise wouldn’t seek out FDS or read their posts. There would be more reach to new people if you opened up the sub again.

  10. We can acknowledge Heffner was a massive piece of garbage and also attribute agency to these women. They had every opportunity to NOT engage with Heffner. Instead of solely placing blame on the nasty, awful man, we should also take a look at the decisions that put these women in his path so that we can help our daughters and nieces and friends not go down the same route.

  11. They didn’t expect or sign up for it. They signed up to pose in a a magazine. Once you’re in and you realize all the bad shit is happening you can’t really just leave because you’re already sucked into it, it isn’t that easy at all.

  12. There are many different pills, tell them how they make you feel and try some other kinds first

  13. Could be a fungal infection or could be your diet. When I had a bad diet and was eating a lot of onions and other smell causing foods my sweat smelled bad. Try cutting those out and eating more vegetables and fruit and tons of water

  14. Even just shaping and filling in eyebrows made a difference for me, different haircut, dyed hair, I wear casual clothes but some Chelsea type boots instead of sneakers with a bag helps you look older

  15. C’mon. You’d have to have had your head buried in the sand if you didn’t know what he was all about.

  16. And they never claimed they didn’t know he wasn’t all about sex. You’re dense. Bunch of incels blaming these women just cause they’re hot porn stars. He did fucked up shit that are only his fault.

  17. I mean, it's not like he hid that he was dating a harem of 20ish year olds and making porn with them. Yeah, he was celebrated for being a pig right up until he died and the women were like "by the way he's a pig" and folks are suddenly like "oh my gosh how did he get away with this"

  18. Yeah making porn with women is a bit different than rape and drugging them against their knowledge etc.

  19. I mean he’s 18 so.. he’s young and doesn’t have much experience with women except for you. I’m a woman myself and didn’t know too much either except for the obvious so 🤷‍♀️. My health class never talked about anatomy or sex ed. I’m not in a conservative area at all

  20. I’ll dm you when they’re listed! I’ll likely list them on eBay.

  21. As a former retailer worker who folded t-shirts all day long ,was understaffed, underpaid, and constantly shit on by and picking up after gross customers…I’m honestly into his vision.

  22. I have to wonder if it’s trolling. That, or he’s making a commentary on wealth and homelessness that is too big brain to understand.

  23. Trolling the hype beats is funny as fuck. Kanye’s a troll and I find the pretentious humor way more funny

  24. First, it isn’t ‘messing with your hormones’ - it is just a stable dose. Yes, there may be side effects but they also treats lots of things. Birth control can reduce hormonal acne, reduce bleeding, reduce cramps, etc.

  25. I take Cerelle. It has a 12 hour window which is great. Been on it for 10 years almost and I do really like it. I dont get my periods - I just get spotting every month. Don't think I have any major side effects either. My friend was on it for a time too and she always got on with it too. I'd recommend :)

  26. POP pills I’ve seen people in this sub say doesn’t cause low sex drive

  27. Yes but men are genetically predisposed to mate with as many women as possible, while a resource and energy intensive process (pregnancy) that women go though has them genetically predisposed to be much more choosy with their mates. Men suffer this social stigma far worse than women. It's not completely equal.

  28. Men aren’t predisposed to mate with as many women as possible, that’s been debunked.

  29. Can confirm. Was scratched on my eyeballs and did not hurt a bit although u can see my eye balls were scratched by the popped vessels

  30. We needs details on the car 🚗 n question. Year make model and whatnot. Just guessing, you likely have an electric brake booster and your alternator is probably not putting out. But thats just a shot in the dark.

  31. I use it, just don’t scrub really hard at all. I barely touch my face when I use it. I mostly just use it for the Salicylic acid in it and then just barely rub it to exfoliate. It works for me really well and has cleared up my acne since I started using it and made my face smoother

  32. Bro i hear mfs bumpin Rihanna way more than Doja💀💀💀

  33. I hear men listening to doja wayyy more than Rihanna but 🤷‍♀️

  34. I honestly think she got really lucky with who she worked with. No amount of talent and personality can work without a team of people supporting you and guiding you- that is what Rihanna had and it's what led her to make good decisions, you see so many other successful artists who started young, like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, but they're always in toxic relationships, doing drugs, getting plastic surgery, etc.

  35. Is there something wrong with getting plastic surgery! Lmao and Rihanna has been in many toxic relationships…

  36. damn i was starting sophomore year when this album came out, and todays my first day of junior year in college. damm

  37. Would have to ask the guy in Ebay who bought it all. I have another story about finding homemade porn from an 80-year-old guy with a 65-year-old mistress. It’s kind of long but they were locked in his toolbox that I bought from his ex-wife after he was arrested for arm robbery in drag to try to get money to keep his business afloat. I buy and sell stuff for a living sometimes you find fun surprises.

  38. By homemade porn you mean peoples personal sex tapes that you sold to random strangers..?

  39. If he has a huge dick, it isn't tight anymore. But I'm sure everything is tight to him.

  40. If she had a tight gorilla grip pussy than he doesn’t have a big dick anymore. Think about that one erosion 😉

  41. Packing and boxing up for shipping is done by individual workers in a warehouse and sometimes some of them don’t give a fuck lol. Nothing Kylie has control over every single package. I order from the same companies and sometimes it’s packaged perfectly and then sometimes it’s like this

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