1. Hell yeah, Id make her a left tackle all day long. She can throw the O-Line hands. Lol

  2. Honestly if you're gonna rock a Strike80 you should get their ARCslide and barrel and include one of their Mass Driver Comps. Go full SI build. I have yet to see someone post one of those.

  3. Jesus. This description literally made me LOL. That was fucking genius. Congrats OP.

  4. Pretty sure that is a Ruger Super Redhawk.

  5. I thought so too, except there is no ejector rod on the Super Redhawk. And his clearly has an ejector rod.

  6. That might just be a trick of the lighting, making the under barrel lug look like a separate ejection rod.

  7. Maybe, but what got me is the little knob on the end. If it had been flat I'd say yeah, it was just the lug, but that knob on the end makes it look like an ejection rod.

  8. Because look at the size of their country compared to the size of ours. We are spread out so far that to get millions of like minded people together takes potentially DAYS of travel and is very expensive.

  9. When you want to say "FUCK YOU" to everybody standing to your left and right at the range. Lol

  10. I used to do my own little formula one races down there before everyone started coming back.

  11. Bullshit. There were so many cops along there you would have got busted in a heartbeat. There were cops at every casino street entrance to stop looters.

  12. No you have it right, I got the title wrong. Thank you kind redditor haha. Fixed it

  13. Yes, I'm 35, I read it almost 30 years ago lol. Brain losing potency lol

  14. Don't feel bad, I am 46 so I read it almost 40 years ago. Lol

  15. What if it yeets in your face like your wife's bf?

  16. And how much did that all cost you? There'd better be a significant cost savings otherwise why not just buy a brand new helmet?

  17. Fuck it, we are doomed. The end is nigh. I need to get a fucking sandwich board and stand on a street corner. Lol

  18. Lol, and here we have the perfect demonstration of where the phrase "you throw like a girl" came from. Lol

  19. Dude, I'm trying to say that with the rules how they are, just like with a Polymer80 you have to finish the frame for it to be considered a firearm, this COULD be interpreted as "finishing" the frame for legality reasons. So that nothing needs be serialized. I'm sure that they DO serialize that part, I'm just making an observation.

  20. No drilling or other tooling required so it would like fall into the too "easily converted," to a working firearm. That's a fun thought though and it's hard to say when the lines are all so fuzzy and everchanging.

  21. Hmm, that is probably true. But I wonder where the line would be. Maybe if you had to assemble the locking mechanisms yourself. Or just had to sand down some tabs maybe.

  22. They are cool with the pair of balls they attached to their truck, but they'll be damned if a dude wants to wear high heels, because, think of the CHILDREN!! .. (who wouldn't see It anyways, because they are playing Grand theft Auto that their parents bought them)

  23. Yeah, they're cool with the pair of balls that are attached to their truck. They just don't want a pair of balls attached to a "female" athlete. Or attached to the "woman" that's dancing around in front of kids in a thong while doing the splits.

  24. Bwahahaha. The third one got me because as soon as I saw that pose "Cotton Eye Joe" started playing in my head. And when I saw the third pic I literally busted out laughing.

  25. He's tired of everyone who doesn't understand that Seuss rhymes with voice.

  26. This is the way. Springs will be fine, but polymer feed lips will creep over time if left loaded indefinitely.

  27. Well here is a video of a guy who left one loaded for 12 years with NO cover, and it worked just fine.

  28. Well here's a video of a guy who is using mags that he loaded back in 2005 in April of 2022. So 17 years. I think you'll be fine.

  29. I’m more of a dress person, I feel like I look better in them

  30. Lol people are Down voting my comment to you. I think they believe I was making a derogatory statement towards you. Which is funny because YOU obviously caught the humor in my statement and realized I wasn't being derogatory. People are SO ready to be offended these days, it's really quite sad.

  31. What? Because I called you the fashion police? Lol you WERE being the fashion police. Lol I mean, I don't disagree, they SHOULD match. But it was in jest. Like the whole "STOP! Those pants don't go with those shoes." lol Or was it that I mentioned pink berets? Which I think since we were speaking of someine WEARING a beret it was quite fitting. See, this is what I mean by people being so ready and willing to take offense these days. It's just sad.

  32. It's called having the ability to make sure you can hit your target if the room is dark. Or do you just plan on attacking the darkness?

  33. Cool thanks. I'd never seen these before. They look interesting. Luckily for me I dont need them as I am a righty and have big enough hands I can change mags without changing my grip. Lol

  34. Aye but get right winged by baddy...and then ya might be shoot lefty....just saying ....seent it.....

  35. This is true. That's understandable. I am a firm believer in having multiple options, the best of both worlds. That's why my AR uses a Wylde barrel.

  36. Blank guns are real guns, it's in the ammo if they're lethal or not.

  37. Actually they're not. They're made from much less durable materials. Like pot metal. Or mild steel. Because they're blank guns they don't have to deal with the pressures of a projectile cartridge. So the barrel doesn't need to be as strong. I have a blank firing gun. It's totally not a real gun. I promise. I can post pictures if you really want.

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