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  1. Pov: when you come into a conversation halfway and don't know what anyone is talking about

  2. I think most answers you're going to get will not have any sources so take them with a pinch of salt.

  3. Thanks! It's bugging me cos I know I've missed some things but I just can't remember it all lol

  4. It's been a lot of fun. The humour in One Piece is one thing that gets elevated so heavily when you are with someone else, I've been laughing so much more this time through!

  5. Grats on the cape. Interesting to hear you say cg was harder. Gives me hope one day I can get infernal too.

  6. Just to offer another perspective as someone who has CG down comfortably and is currently attempting Inferno this could not be further from the truth for me :) Everyone is different though so I would still recommend just going for it, you might find it easier and there's no harm in slamming some attempts.

  7. I just hate people posting the most idiotic thing they could conjure up with that much confidence.

  8. Honestly your comment cracked me up but it was a tad bit hostile lmao

  9. Sorry for asking, but please tell me what "diff" is? I see it everywhere and I don't understand it.

  10. Difficulty. So high diff = A high amount of difficulty in winning the fight.

  11. How’d you even see the guy in the first place? This is why I feel I’ll never be good at this game lol, I’ve watched this video over and over and don’t see even a hint of the guy until you zoom in but you obviously saw him while you still had the other gun out.

  12. Nah dude you're just missing context from a horribly compressed reddit clip. In the full video I'm reacting to noise which is why I look right in the first place (also I was specifically waiting for this team to rotate toward me since we saw them earlier).

  13. Quick question if you don't mind- your position, was it near that power station at the river below resort on shoreline?

  14. If Adele does only 600,000 I will get her name tattooed on my ass. No chance.

  15. I can't wait for later in the wipe when money isn't really a problem where I can do this for my fellow player scavs. For now I just give hideout loot I already turned in for upgrades like corrugated hoses and stuff. I know I could sell the stuff, but when people are friendly it's nice to reward it.

  16. It's a great feeling. Admittedly I'm not always this charitable and kind of did this on a whim though LOL, I'm just happy it seemed to be appreciated by my Scav-bro

  17. Nice to know there are other santa scavs out here! I just dropped someone a labs keycard for fun and he ended up dropping me the green gunpowder I needed for a magbox, totally worth it.

  18. You never know what interaction is gonna come from being friendly, always worth a few rubles for a unique experience

  19. 1000+Hours here and I've played for 3 wipes pretty sweatily, got Kappa last wipe... There is 100% WAY more hackers than I've EVER seen. I'm not talking maybes here either, I'm talking the most blatant of the blatant. Had somewhere close to 10 hackers in my last 100 or so raids, so certainly not 50/50 but still a ridiculously high figure. (EU servers here btw).

  20. I have a few top 2s with draconic and I've never felt that Sett was too weak, idk.

  21. Get a load of this guy! I'm not buying your shoddy snowboards you damn snowboard shop employee. Nice try bud.

  22. https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime

  23. Out of curiosity how did you amass 26mil but yet not use any keycards? I need to do what you’ve been doing

  24. It's weird because while I've completely no-lifed the game as this is my first wipe playing seriously, there's still massive gaps in my knowledge and I've barely touched labs. Basically I rushed to max hideout and I am constantly crafting profitable stuff in workbench. Also I had an easy time getting to max hideout cos I had like 3 experienced friends who would give me any GPUS we found in raid. So I was gifted at least 10 GPUS, probably closer to 20.

  25. Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  26. Oh, we just just handing out setups that can play @ 4k120fps now? Where's mine???

  27. adc is the easiest to me. 1. everyone knows your main priority is to farm. you are not expected to roam, TP etc, 2. its harder to die since you have a support, 3. its harder to get ganked because hopefully you have extra vision in lane and again a support, 4. you dont have to worry about mana or resource bars as much as other roles, 5. the build path is probably the simplest of all roles, 6. its the easiest role to learn multiple champs on

  28. Attack moving or orb walking or whatever the fuck its called in league (basically moving inbetween autos) has a surprisingly high skill ceiling though. There's a clip somewhere of a Korean challenger ADC with a max attack speed build showing how well he can attack move and it's pretty mind-blowing. This might sound stupid but I geniunely believe getting your right clicks correct is a really hard skill to master and most mids/tops/jgls will never have to worry about this aspect of the game as much.

  29. Signature Item. It gives your Character not only flat stats but also a unique ability or modifier to existing abilities. There's basically 4 tiers, the first is actually unlocking the SI, the second is getting it to level 10 which will upgrade the ability, the third and fourth are at level 20 and 30. Getting to level 30 is probably one of the hardest things to do currently in the game. I would compare it to getting someone Ascended in terms of time and effort.

  30. Be happy for 4 keys... I can't get more than 2 qq once I only got one v.v

  31. It's not the number that's upsetting me, it's that I hit 100% but Ice Shemira just REFUSED to die. What a dogshit event

  32. Thank you. I did :) I really hope it's fixable. I'm 100% sure it happened during transport since the packaging was "fixed" on the way to me :/

  33. Mine is really bad too. Took it out of the tube, looked at it and just put it back in. I don't even want to put it on a wall because it's so scuffed. So disappointing but I'm happy I got to support Settled either way.

  34. I'll be honest with you man, I haven't given The Now Now a good shot yet since Humanz wasn't really my jam. I'll give it a good few listens through soon though.

  35. Man, I love everything on that wall!

  36. Ayyy, great minds think alike dude. So many great albums had to be left out cos I wanted to have only 1 per artist.

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