Amazon CEO says company won't take down antisemitic film

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  1. How about the right wing crazies stop giving him a platform to spread his word? First Owens, then Trump, now Jones. Who is next Tucker?

  2. Tucker interviewed him a few weeks ago and then edited out a lot of Kanye’s anti-semitic statements/responses for the footage the release to the public (the cut footage was leaked later)

  3. Funny but not funny. They talked about defunding cops for two years and still expect them to solve murders. That's interesting also

  4. The only Police precinct that had its funding reduced was Minneapolis’s and it was by like 3%. not only that but despite crime (and murder) rates trending down for 30+ years, a 2020 study found that the clearing of murder cases hit a 50 year low.

  5. Perp probably isn’t on any dna database

  6. they don’t have to be if any of their blood relatives are in said database

  7. Why would any team choose to not play the game at home?

  8. 21st is Winterbreak , students would be home, and many people would already have travel plans for Xmas that don’t want to travel to a college town right before that. For example I could see Penn State wanting to move it Philly or Pittsburgh.

  9. Yeah, but removing the movie will not make anyone less ignorant. Those ignorant people will become persuaded by neo nazi influencers like Alex Jones.

  10. You mention alex jones and then completely ignore that when he was deplatformed from sites like Youtube and twitter, his viewership numbers dropped a considerable amount as did the number of clips being shared. no, it didn’t drop viewership and shares to zero, but it definitely hindered how far he was able to spread his message.

  11. Alex jones was literally replaced by Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens.

  12. they were around and popular before Alex Jones got de-platformed. There is overlap in their fan bases, but it’s not 1:1. also Ben and Candace don’t scream about Sandy Hook being a false flag or pedophile vampires.

  13. Why would they ask him about Kaepernick kneeling, or the murder of George Floyd? He gets asked questions about race-related issues all the time. It’s not a reach at all.

  14. Jones addresses the photo 10 years ago though, it’s not like a new reveal. And they asked him about Starling and Sarver when those stories came to light.

  15. I keep seeing this and this is such bullshit. A story like this would never pass my radar if it was covered to the extent similar to that of the Kyrie situation and is probably in fact a bigger deal when you connect it to his Kaep response.

  16. to clarify, i fully believe Jerry Jones is a racist old shit bag, my point is the story isn’t new. It’s like if the audio of Donald Sterling just came out to light again and Lebron got mad people didn’t ask him about it again.

  17. I cannot emphasize enough how much this dude should be shutting the fuck up.

  18. I guess he no longer has enough money to retain a lawyer that tells him that.

  19. Shame on the NYT for being a mouthpiece in providing this fraud any type of sympathetic platform. The crowd laughing at answers was a bizarre scene to see. Total lack of awareness on all parts.

  20. I don't care what gender the refs are or identify with, just don't be shit pls. It is a super important match for Germany.

  21. Oh sure, the vocal alt-right are unashamed in their disdain for the trans community.

  22. If he was that serious about keeping them hidden there's definitely some funny shit in there.

  23. he stonewalls anything and everything, regardless on how serious it is. While I hope I’m wrong, my bet is they’ll be unremarkable outside of him not being a billionaire.

  24. My wife and I really like watching terrible religious movies (shoutout to the Thief in the Night series) but this was literally unwatchable

  25. same. My wife and I love to laugh at movies like God’s Not Dead, but Left Behind was just a boring slog despite is batshit insane premise.

  26. 50/50 chance people will be thrown in jail before making it to a hospital, especially if NYPD are the ones rounding folks up

  27. More like thrown into the morgue after the cops "fear for their lives" when the person having a mental episode feels like they have to fight these strangers trying to abduct them...

  28. the ones that aren’t killed will be charged with assaulting police officers. then the NYPD gets to cry about how “violent attacks” against police are up and use that as leverage to increase funding.

  29. Biden specifically called out Congress and called on them to pass legislation to mandate sick leaves. He also claimed that the new deal did give more sick leave abilities.

  30. having a sick leave that requires 30 days notice before taking said sick leave isn’t actually a sick leave

  31. Biden is definitely pro-labor, just not an absolutist willing to crash the national supply chain over it.

  32. if these workers are so important that without them the national supply chain collapses, maybe they should be allowed to take sick days. anyone who is against that isn’t pro-labor. full stop

  33. The morning news reported that the proposed bill forces employers to provide sick days.

  34. they get 3 sick days a year that require a 30 days notice before they take it. so basically they don’t have sick days

  35. Subsidies have been around for thousands of years and prevented many starvation type events.

  36. how about we ease subsidies for corn while increasing subsidies for other crops?

  37. The guy said the Democratic Party is run by “trial lawyers and trade unions” which is an

  38. in that same interview he then said the GOP was run by corporate evil and religious zealotry. so not only does he view those as the same level as trade unions, but then the said he supported corporate evil and religious zealotry party instead

  39. What are the legal protections? Like not being able to be fired? Or there are more?

  40. on the books, yeah they can be fired and shot like that. In reality they’ll send in cops to crack skulls of the strikers in the picket line

  41. What "research" do people like this think should be done? I watched the second plane hit in real time. I watched the towers collapse live as it happened. What kind of "research" am I supposed to do? I know what I saw.

  42. “research” = 10-15 minutes of googling. It’s funny, I never seen any of those “I did my own research” types ever talk about reading publications in scientific journals that were peer reviewed, or anything that is the actual definition of research

  43. Watching him slowly realize how unlikeable he is, and that only weird nerds defend him has been my favorite Xmas gift.

  44. Wow, the teen got out unharmed. I'm surprised the deputies had some accuracy to them.

  45. it’s not like she ran towards them for help, she would have for sure been shot by the cops then

  46. It kills me that Trumpers can bloviate all they want about how awful Democrats are, but the minute you say one anti-Trump word, they get all mad and sad.

  47. He’s far from the only one. Tucker is the beginning of the path, he has the mass appeal for lots of people, a “Baby’s first white supremacist” if you will. many viewers will stay at that level, however some will go down further and start listening to more extreme talking heads on social media and online forums that will radicalize them further, then some of those listeners will go even further an join White Supremacists groups and/or carry out acts of violence.

  48. You vote for policy and policy makers.

  49. cause we all know cops will blindly follow policy and not only selectively when it suits them personally. Remember how Eric Garner was killed by a chokehold despite that being against NYPD policy?

  50. yeah if you're gonna start comparing NYC to Portland i don't really know where to go from here.

  51. Over the past couple of years, I've seen a lot of self-proclaimed "moderates" who agree with every single thing that Trump & Fox News put out.

  52. Biden is like, the most moderate Democrat imaginable and he still barely beat Trump. I’m immediately suspicious of anyone who claims they’re moderate or “both sides” conversations, and this is coming from someone who voted for McCain and Romney in ‘08 and ‘12 respectively.

  53. Erasing the middle ground will lead to civil war though

  54. what middle ground? despite Biden being the most moderate Democrat possible, the GOP is still stonewalling him at every single turn and not compromising on him with any type of policy or bill. Trump got more votes in 2020 than 2016, despite the entire shitshow his presidency was and the whole COVID debacle.

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