1. Agreed. I completely sided with Angelina on this one.

  2. He’s so immature, if he acted more his age I think a lot more people would actually like him. He tries to hard and it’s not funny

  3. In a weird way…. I liked Alison until she returned home lmao.

  4. I tend to clean - it really keeps me distracted and keeps me motivated

  5. I’m out of the loop - I stopped watching TM what are they even arguing about that got it to this point haha

  6. This is when I get a snack or take a bathroom break haha 😂

  7. If i were her I would have let her get the prescription but I would have held on to them in a secret place- that way when and if Spencer needed one at night she can keep track and make sure she doesn’t over use

  8. There’s just something odd about her… but i can’t pinpoint it..

  9. Your tree is gorgeous ☺️ I love how you decorated it !

  10. Yep! Bri isn't my least favorite of all the Teen Moms...but something about her general attitude & that effing smirk she gives her bf (Robert?) in this clip drives me up one wall & down another lol. I also laugh hysterically when I read about Bri, Brittany & Roxy being referred to as a witchy coven, etc (on The Ashley's Reality Roundup I believe it is) because it's so spot-on. I believe Brianna does have good traits & obviously loves her kids. But she really, really bothers me at times tbh. 🥴

  11. They just don’t seem like genuine loving moms in my opinion……. it seems like they have kids just to have kids… and their nanny’s just watch the kids while they go party etc, and they use their kids for clout

  12. "Stormi baby!!! Mommy can't wait until you're old enough to sell my lip kits!!"

  13. You’re telling me that they were two different people and I didn’t even notice?! Lmao

  14. Wow… everyone on this Reddit really hates Chelsea…

  15. Honestly that’s a good point - I forget Cole has a ex wife tbh

  16. No you’re not alone - I definitely agree. Plus he’s only been with one woman his whole life and she fucked him over HARD - he doesn’t need to be married, he needs therapy and more time to himself and date around

  17. Yes! Just saw it, I really liked her, but now… i don’t know…. I feel like her true colors are coming out 🤷🏼‍♀️

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