DOOM Eternal OST Open Letter

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  1. Sure, Twinsanity has it's flaws but it's got some great humor.

  2. The Wrath of Cortex not selling well joke in the game made me laughed hard.

  3. I don’t play Dota 2 and I can’t bring myself to believe that any of these are real

  4. Im surprised at this selection honestly. Especially Morshu.

  5. I'm sure so many ppl have given up on this game but I still play w/ this same issue, not being able to pass stronghold 165 and having all my fighters all maxed out. This is crazy.

  6. When you and your friend select the same character for Smash.

  7. This image is actually referencing Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, it's coincidental.

  8. Cant wait for the only arcana i roll to be the same i got from the swag bag.

  9. Thats why SAVE your swag bag selection and wait for candyshop like me.

  10. Dark Seer, his trademark ability is a Speed Boost movement, and talks fast.

  11. So it’s a crypto currency? How does it affect the game

  12. Apparently, you just... play the and grind the rewards via normal weeklies/dailies and from the Battle Pass.

  13. Why is everyone so obsessed with the fox courier?

  14. Scara here sort of reminds me of Mandark from Dexter’s Lab.

  15. Temen gw, kerja di bagian IT BRI dapet ginian juga dong. Abis lah itu penipu dibuat temen gw sampe si penipu telpon minta maaf

  16. Daripada gt mendingan langsung report aja akun itu di wa dan blok

  17. No. I don’t believe there has been an occupation of humble bundle.

  18. I'm assuming dlss is the right side. The only difference I'm really seeing is the handling of reflections off the bumper...which is kinda distracting for me as it flickers. But, both look fine.

  19. What an absolute fucking piece of garbage of human history

  20. iye, kalo gamau pusing emang harus ke tim ijo buat productivity, hopefully team red invests more into the space

  21. sebenernya developer aplikasi aja belum update untuk support amd cpu dan lain lain.

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