1. Or be adopted by batman and fulfill his destiny of becoming jarro

  2. Not a fan of the rocket joke but the dragon joke works really well with context.

  3. Lmao, this guy on Insta complaining like its a plot hole when the Avengers were clearly not invited.

  4. I wish I could live in your world where a CEO of a movie studio had no decision making over one of their films. Lmao.

  5. If this is as good as the social media reactions, then I wouldn't be shocked if DreamWorks give Joel Crawford the directing gig for Shrek 5.

  6. Not a mid-credits scene, it's the ending. I watched the film earlier today.

  7. Put me on the list of people wanting to buy the Christmas Classic Specials Collection 4K when you get more in stock.

  8. I watched Glass Onion today at 11 and there was way more people than I thought for a movie that’s going to be on Netflix next week. I got there a little late but at least all the back of my theater was full.

  9. I don't want "other levels". All I want from Who is that they tell compelling stories again.

  10. Between this and the 'Black Adam' score, even the verified score isn't entirely trustworthy anymore.

  11. How are these not entirely trust worthy anymore, both films also got disappointing Cinemascores, and in Black Adam's case, poor posttrak scores as well. Black Adam hasn't had the best legs either.

  12. This feels like intended self sabotage by Disney.

  13. The most shocking exit by a Disney CEO since Thomas Washington in the 90s.

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